Katherine Renee Turner Age, Height, Net Worth, Parents

Katherine Renee Turner

Katherine Renee is a leading American actress, who grew to fame for her role in the show, FBI, which was released in 2018. In the show, she portrays the role of Tiffany Wallace, an FBI Agent.

Owing to her charming personality and attractive nature, Katherine has acquired a dedicated fanbase, who are often curious to know about her life. Besides FBI, she has also appeared in two other leading shows The RAs and The Bag. 

Katherine has also appeared in movies like Extraordinary and Live a Little. This article will venture more into her early life and career.

Katherine Renee Turner Biography/Wiki

Katherine was born on December 21, in Spring Field, Missouri, U.S. She was born into a mixed-ethnic household and she has American citizenship.

While there’s not much information about her school life, reports suggest that Katherine acquired her degree in Drama from the Julliard School. Her passion for acting stems from her childhood, which she has emulated into her profession as well.

Katherine Renee Age

While we know that Katherine was born on December 21, there isn’t public information about her year of birth. So, we have to assume that her age is between 26-34 years.

Katherine Renee Turner Height and Weight

Katherine measures 5 feet and 9 inches in height, which is one of the attributes that landed her the acting gigs. She has also modeled for a few brands and her height has played a major role in that.

Besides her height, Katherine weighs around 60 kg and has a sleek and toned physique. Her dark brown natural hair accentuates her appearance further.

Katherine Renee Turner Acting Career

We touched a little on Katherine’s acting career at the beginning of the article. While there isn’t much information about the small or big acting gigs she landed after her graduation, Katherine’s rise to fame comes from her appearance in the show, FBI, which aired in 2018.

Before that, she was also part of the show named Extraordinary, released in 2016. Since Katherine had an interest in acting and drama from an early age, it isn’t surprising that she also took part in several of her school’s theatre programs and shows.

Besides being a prominent name in the acting side of things, Katherine is also a philanthropist and has worked with an organization named ASTEP (Artist Striving to End Poverty).

Katherine Renee Turner FBI

Although Katherine appeared in a few shows and movies before FBI, it was the character of Tiffany Wallace that completely changed her career’s trajectory.

The show aired on Voot channel and worked through a lot of mysterious crime cases, which Katherine was a part of. The show was directed by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk and featured Missy Peregrym and Jeremy Sisto in the leading roles.

Katherine Renee Turner’s Family

Katherine is very private about her personal life, especially when it involves her family. She likes to keep that side of her life away from the media, which is one of the reasons why she doesn’t post about them on her social media channels too.

However, Katherine has revealed in multiple interviews that her family is one of her biggest supporters and she is very close to all of them.

Katherine Renee Turner Boyfriend

Much like her family, Katherine doesn’t share any information about her love life too. As far as public information goes, Katherine is single.

There were rumors that she is married but none of them are true. Katherine is single and hasn’t shared anything about any potential boyfriends on the internet. She seems to like to keep that section of her life hidden from the media.

Interesting Facts about Katherine Renee Turner

  • Katherine was born in Spring Field, Missouri, which is where she was raised and spent the majority of her life.
  • Katherine has grown her social media presence and uses that to endorse different brands.
  • She has an interest in singing, modeling, photography, painting, etc.
  • Her favorite cuisines include Chinese, Spanish, etc.

With a passion for traveling, Katherine has explored a variety of national and international places.

Katherine Renee Turner’s Net Worth

With her successful acting and modeling career, Katherine has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is also an internet personality and works with brands, further adding to her income.


1. Is Katherine Renee Turner married?

No, Katherine is single and isn’t married to anyone, as of 2023.

2. What is Katherine Renee Turner’s zodiac sign?

According to her date of birth, which is December 21, Katherine’s zodiac is Capricorn.

3. How tall is Katherine Renee Turner?

Katherine is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, as of the reports available publicly. She could be a little taller or shorter than that.

4. How old is Katherine Renee Turner?

Katherine’s year of birth isn’t publicly known. So, estimates suggest that she is somewhere between 25-36 years of age.

5. Where is Katherine Renee Turner from?

Katherine’s growth stems from her presence in Julliard. However, before that, she has also performed on the national and international stages, following achieving her acting degree from Ithaca College. That was a further boost to her career.

6. Who is Katherine Renee Kane’s husband?

Katherine has been married to Jay Weiss and the two of them have one child together. They keep their relationship under wraps instead of publicizing things.

7. What character did Katherine play in the CBS series FBI?

Katherine’s rise to fame was due to her inclusion in the cast of FBI as Special Agent Tiffany Wallace. This brought her immense fame and a dedicated fanbase.