Porsha Williams Shared A Photo Of Her Vegan Meal And Fans Loved It

Porsha Williams

With every passing year, veganism is getting more popular. Not just common people, but even many of the celebrities have also started practicing veganism. Veganism is supported by people out of their love for animals. People into a vegan diet, they are completely against any animal product including dairy food as well. However, many of them follow veganism as they find it good for their health.

Recently, Porsha Williams uploaded a picture of her juicy vegan diet on her social media account and fans loved it. If you haven’t seen the picture, then you can find it on her Instagram account.

one of the people wrote that although he is not vegan, he finds the food delicious. another comment was that Porsha has seasoned the veggies well.Β 

she received a lot of good comments on her vegan food picture. For instance, another person wrote that the plate looks like macaroni and ribs with cheese, smoked turkey with collard greens and mashed potatoes.

however, many people expressed their thoughts on vegan food. Like one person said that Porsha is strong enough to follow a vegan diet, but he wouldn’t be able to do it even for a day as the chicken is a must for him.

While another follower said that she too started eating vegan and recently prepared vegan lasagna which was delicious.

Out of all the comments, there was one person who wrote that she was 150 pounds before marriage and became 350 pounds after marriage. But when Flotus Obamas told her to get in shape, she took the challenge. Between the periods 2008 to 2014, she got back to 150 pounds. She said that she had to have vegan food later to maintain her weight. Along with that she also had to exercise daily. However, she needs to exercise a little more to lose another 10 pounds. She also said that she will post before and after pictures during Christmas.

Many of the followers were also quite excited to see the results of following a vegan diet. They wrote to Porsha that they are waiting to see the results.

From the tons of positive comments received on the post, we can see that fans were happy to see her go vegan. They are waiting for the results though.

Following a vegan diet is not an easy thing to do, especially for a person who has been eating meat and chicken for their entire life. But if you want a healthy lifestyle, then veganism is the way to go.

Porsha Williams is one of the people who love to enjoy their vegan food. Instead of eating boring veggies, she knows how to make it interesting and juicy to eat. You must check out her vegan food picture on her Instagram handle to see how she eats her veggies.

By going vegan, you are not only improving your health but also saving animals.


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