Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3 – What Is the Show’s Future?

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3

When you think of reality TV shows, you don’t think of mystery or treasure hunts right off the bat. Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, a show that airs on Discovery, has gained immense popularity, thanks to its unique format and the breath of freshness in the tasks involved.

This is one of those treasure-hunting reality TV shows that take you along a ride but in the best way possible. It isn’t boring but takes the participants and the audience through an adventure like no other. Following two successful seasons, the audience is now waiting for the third.

This article will explore everything related to Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3, its release date, and what to expect.

When is Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3 Releasing?

Getting to witness the father-son duo, Duane and Chad Ollinger, as they look through their ranch in search of treasure is a pretty entertaining experience.

With the kind of success that the Discovery show has gained with its first two seasons, it isn’t surprising that the viewers want more concrete answers about the release of the third season.

At this point, Discovery has not yet renewed the show for a third season. However, the good news is that they haven’t canceled the show as well. So, there’s hope that they might renew it.

Besides the popularity and viewership, even the show’s main stars have hinted at the possibility of the treasure hunt reality TV show returning with Season 3 sometime in the future.

Duane took to his social media where he posted an image with his son and captioned it with “Season 3 coming soon.” So, we do have hope for its renewal and return sometime soon.

What can we expect from Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3?

Because it is a reality TV show, there’s no accurate way of knowing what’s happening next. Besides the treasure hunt, we could also witness the father-son duo exploring the paranormal activities that often happen at the ranch.

Also, we could dive deeper into the history of the ranch, which would be interesting to indulge in. There are chances that Season 3 would better explain the mysterious figures and their significance.

But, all in all, there’s no concrete spoiler about Season 3 yet, so we’d have to wait until the official release happens.

Who is returning on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3?

Since the entire show is centered around the father-son duo, Duane and Chad Ollinger, we will most likely see them return on the show in the third season too.

Besides that, we might also get:

  • Eric Drummond

Eric Drummond

  • Charlie Snider

Charlie Snider

  • Jamie Dube, etc.

It will be interesting to see if they decide to add a new cast in the third season.


Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Season 3 is one of the most awaited shows on Discovery. If you have been wondering about its release date, only to be confused, we hope this gives you all the necessary insights that you need to confirm your queries and confusion.


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