Kagurabachi Chapter 4: Does Chihiro Defeat the Sorcerer?

Kagurabachi Chapter 4

As manga enthusiasts, it is not every day that you come across leaks and official spoilers. But, the recently released manga, Kagurabachi has created a wave and the readers can’t seem to keep their chill at all.

The manga has three chapters officially released and with the fourth chapter underway, we already have a leak that depicts Chihiro defeating the sorcerer. Well, it looks like there’s a lot that’s going to happen in the upcoming chapters. 

If you are excited about the release of Kagurabachi Chapter 4 and want to know about what happens next and the leaks, we have all the details sorted.

What is the Premise of Kagurabachi?

The fourth chapter of Kagurabachi was released on September 08, 2023. But, before you can get your hands on the completed version of the next chapter, it looks like a lot of it has been leaked already. More on that will be discussed later.

But, before that, let us take a close look at the premise of the manga.

Kagurabachi is a Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by Hokazono Takeru. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since September 2023.

The story of this manga follows the life of Chihiro Rokuhira, whose father is a renowned and skilled blacksmith who’s known for crafting some of the most unique swords. However, Chihiro’s father is assassinated brutally and after witnessing the tragic passing of his father, Chihiro is all set to avenge his father’s death.

Reading Kagurabachi will make you realize that the manga isn’t for the faint of heart. It has pretty dark themes and violence in the manga, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, always proceed with caution. 

What’s great about this manga is that despite being a “standard revenge story,” the unique and interesting world that the manga is set in is quite different. With the manga just starting, we’d recommend you hop on the train and start reading it.

What happens in Kagurabachi Chapter 4?

Now that you have a bit of an idea about what Kagurabachi is all about, are you wondering about the leaks and what Chapter 4 had in store for the readers?

We witnessed the chapter kicking off with Chihiro and his sorcerer engaging in a fight where Chihiro opens his sword and unties Char by cutting open the rope.

Not just that, the leaks also depicted the concept of sorcery, which Chihiro explains to Char. He explains that the concept of Sorcery comes from Genryou and that the demon sword has the potential to amplify the impact of the Genryou.

Also, we come to know that even Char’s mother was killed by the sorcerors and Chihiro comes to Char’s rescue, standing right in front of her and telling the sorcerer that he won’t allow them to take Char away.

Lastly, Chihiro ends up attacking the sorcerer using demon sword ability but fails with his aim. The battle continues and, in the end, Chihiro successfully takes down the sorcerer. All of these leaks came around on X and it looks like the readers couldn’t control their excitement.


  • Chihiro Rokuhira

Chihiro Rokuhira

  • Norisaku Madoka

Norisaku Madoka

  • Char Kyonagi

Char Kyonagi

  • Shiba


Where can I read Kagurabachi Chapter 4?

The fourth chapter and the previous chapters of this manga are all available for you to read on Manga Plus and Viz.


If you don’t mind the violence, gore, and dark plot of the manga, Kagurabachi is one of those underrated mangas that deserve to be on your reading list. The genre of this manga might not be everyone’s cup of tea but with how comprehensive and fast-paced the storyline is, we’d 100% suggest you give this a go.


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