Must have Men’s Accessories for Casual and Formal Styles

Must have Men’s Accessories for Casual and Formal Styles

Fashion accessories for men have always received a mixed reaction in the past. However, these days most men prefer adorning accessories from rings to bracelets. Men’s accessories often get overlooked as more emphasis is given to blazers and shirts. However, an accessory can elevate the overall look of the outfit, and at the same time, it can make them look classy. If you are looking for top accessories for men for casual and formal looks, here is a list of accessories like bracelet men or rings. Keep reading.

Tips to consider before selecting the perfect accessories for men

  • Always look for quality materials
  • Research ongoing trends
  • Select accessories that suit casual and formal styles
  • Select accessories based on your desired look

Types of men’s accessories that work well with casual and formal styles

  • Rings

Men’s rings must have a subtle undertone and not incorporate any huge gems or gaudy designs. These can break your entire look. Hence, it is always preferable to go for band-style rings available in different materials.

When it comes to elevating both casual and formal styles, selecting the right accessories is paramount for men. Rings, being a subtle yet impactful addition, play a crucial role in defining a man’s personal style. Opting for rings in various materials such as tungsten, titanium, and platinum provides a versatile range to complement different looks. 

Among these options, tungsten rings stand out as a preferred choice for men who want a ring that can suit both casual and formal attires. Renowned for their durability, scratch-proof nature, and hypoallergenic properties, tungsten rings offer a perfect blend of style and practicality.

Select from classic silver rings to black band rings instead of gold rings. As a popular fashion accessory, these days rings are available in abstract designs, and many men love adorning them. Owing to their popularity, multiple couple ring are also trending on the market these days.

  • Bracelets

These are other famous men’s accessories. Bracelets for men are available in extensive varieties. This piece of accessory goes well with a casual or formal outfit. Bracelets can offer an edge to your styling and add significant value to your look. The following are the different types of bracelets available for men-

  • Leather cord bracelets

These are popular among individuals who love to dress casually. They can go well with jeans and a white loose shirt or t-shirt. They are also suitable for more formal styles. These are available in woven design and also feature decorative elements or religious symbols.

  • Beaded bracelets

If you do not prefer dated accessories like leather bracelets, beaded ones are another potential offering. One can select extensive varieties of gems and beads for their bracelet. Since you have a plethora of options to select and mix and match, you can play along with different styles and add a quirky edge to your look.

  • Solid metal bracelets

These bracelets are available in multiple forms. One can select varieties of gold or silver bracelets in the form of bands. They are available in plain, rectangular designs. If you are looking to portray a strong personality through a single accessory, carved silver bracelets can be a perfect option.

  • Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets are another popular style preferred by many men. These interlocked accessories are available in gold and silver in mesh and metal chain design. One can adorn these bracelets on a casual look to add a quirk to their outfit. Some chain bracelets also have single beads set on them for additional glamor.

  • Kadas for men

These are other popular Indian accessories like a bracelet. Many men wear a Kada regularly as it goes well with both formal and casual tones. These Kadas are available in gold plating, silver, or a combination of both.

With such extensive varieties of bracelets for men, one can adorn these accessories individually or as a set.

  • Belts

These simple and essential accessories can also be a fashion statement. They can complete the outfit with an elegant look. One can match their shoes and belts for formal styles, while a slight mismatch in shades works well with a casual outfit. Belts are also available in different styles, like-

  • Plain belts
  • Web belts
  • Eyewear

A nice pair of sunglasses can enhance your overall look. Sunglasses are perfect for a day setting, and one can try different styles depending on their outfit. Wayfarer goes well with both casual and formal styles, while aviators are perfect for formal looks. One must consider their facial features before selecting a sunglass. People with round faces must opt for rectangular frames, while those with a defined jawline can opt for round glasses.

  • Suit accessories

These are other famous men’s accessories available in multiple styles and designs. One does not have to always adorn suit accessories with a suit. They can also be worn with formal outfits. (Not all but a few). The following is a list of suit accessories that go well with formal looks like trousers and shirts-

  • Ties Cufflinks
  • Pocket Squares

Other accessories

Other accessories that go well with formal and casual styles include-

  • Scarves- Perfect for winter styling
  • Hats- Perfect for summer styling
  • Watches
  • Necklaces


If you are looking for any of the accessories from the above list, you can visit e-commerce sites like Snapdeal. These websites feature an extensive range of men’s accessories, along with couple rings with high-quality and affordable prices.