Moki Doorstep Net Worth – How Is the Company Doing After Shark Tank?

Moki Doorstep Net Worth

Are you one of those conventionally short people that have a hard time reaching the top shelves or the top of the car to put things on the top, especially when traveling? Well, if you said yes, Moki Doorstep is a revolutionary product that will come in handy for you.

Alyssa Brown, who is the founder of Moki Doorstep suffered from a similar issue where she couldn’t reach the top of her car, leading to issues with loading things on top. Thus, alongside her husband, they ended up creating a unique rooftop assistance device called Moki Doorstep, which appeared on Shark Tank too.

Surprisingly enough, the company’s current valuation is $5 million. More on that and their Shark Tank appearance are discussed in this article.

About the Founders

Alyssa Brown alongside her husband Zachary created the product, Moki Doorstep. They hail from Newington, Connecticut and both of them were full-time frontline workers before they created their company.

Zachary worked as a firefighter while Alyssa worked as a registered nurse. The couple chase adventure and their car are their best friend, which not just gets them around but also carries all their items while they are on the road.

Given Alyssa’s short stature, it was Zachary who had to handle all the heavy lifting and stacking items on top of the car. However, being in a demanding job like that of a firefighter, he struggled to find time to manage it all and Alyssa couldn’t help.

Founding Moki Doorstep

Stuck in such depth of issues, Alyssa and Zachary came together and brainstormed ideas to navigate through the problem. That’s where the idea for Moki Doorstep came into being. 

It was Zach first who created the tool based on the idea that the firm door strikers in the side of the car have enough strength to support a human. Once the prototype and the final product were created and tested, they launched the company in 2017.

Behind the scenes, Alyssa looked over the administrative and operations side of things while Zach’s uncle supported the business idea with the initial capital.

Moki Doorstep on Shark Tank

Two years after launching Moki Doorstep, the company was already generating good sales in the U.S. market but Zach and Alyssa’s main goal was to make their business international, which is why they went on Season 9 of Shark Tank.

They pitched $150,000 for 9% equity in the company. It was Daymond Johns who offered the first pitch for $450,000 for 20% equity to which the founders revealed that the equity was too high and that they would instead consider selling the business. Daymond bought the company for $3 million.

Moki Doorstep after Shark Tank

Despite the purchase deal made by Daymond, it didn’t go through and Alyssa and Zach instead kept going on with their business.

Right after Shark Tank, the company managed to sell over 150,000 units of the product, reeling in steady revenue. Following that, the company also partnered with Rightline Gear, which has put its products in leading stores across the United States.

The company earns an annual revenue of $780,000 with a valuation of $5 million overall, which is quite impressive.