Bertello Net Worth – How Much Is the Pizza Oven Company Worth?

Bertello Net Worth

Who doesn’t love pizza, right? The charred ends from the fire in the pizza oven and the tangy yet sweet sauce with the creamy cheese on top are a match made in heaven. While it’s true that nothing beats a pizza oven-made pizza, not everyone can afford to buy one.

Pizza ovens are notoriously expensive, which is one of the main reasons people prefer store-bought pizza or restaurant pizza. To address and bridge that issue, founders Andy and Eric Bert launched the Bertello pizza oven.

The founders took their innovative idea and affordable product on Shark Tank with the hopes to raise some money. The company is currently valued at $2.5 million.

Quick Facts

Business details: Portable gas and wood-fire pizza oven
Founders name: Andy and Eric Ber
Founded in: 2017
Location (Country): Afton, Minnesota, USA
Investment Asked by Company: $120,000 for 10% equity
Sharks on board (Investors): Kevin O’Leary
Accepted Deals: $120,000 for 25% equity
Shark Tank Episode: Season 11 Episode 15
Net Worth $2.5 million
Business Status: Active
Social Media Facebook
Last Updated: Feb 6, 2024

About the Founders

Bertello Pizza oven is founded by Andy and Eric Bert, who are brothers. They hail from Woodbury, New York. Growing up, both of them were obsessed with pizza. However, they never thought about starting a business surrounding their passion.

Following completing their education, Eric worked as a structural engineer and worked on buildings and designs in companies based in Manhattan for 10 years. Andy, on the other hand, worked on open outcry trading floors after relocating to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Founding Bertello Pizza Oven

Eric, who has a degree in engineering, was passionate about building something unique that wasn’t buildings. Being tired of eating frozen pizzas, Eric decided to do something around the realm of building a pizza oven.

Working on his vision, Eric designed and built a portable pizza oven, the Bertello Pizza Oven from scratch. The best thing about this oven was the accessibility and ease of use. When he shared the idea with his brother, Andy, both decided to run the business as partners.

Together, they started the business with initial capital and launched the product in 2017. They managed to hit over $600,000 in under two years.


Bertello on Shark Tank

With the initial success of the company, both Andy and Eric decided to take their business on Shark Tank. They pitched for $120,000 for 10% and demonstrated everything in a very interesting way.

Despite the initial engagement, things soon fizzled down when Barbara commented on the founders’ pitch being boring. Despite that, she offered $120,000 for 25% and Chef Wonderful offered them the same amount for 30%.

The founders asked Chef whether he’d match Barbara’s offer and he agreed and the deal was finalized from their end.

Bertello after Shark Tank

Right after the episode aired, Bertello’s sales skyrocketed. While the company was generating around $1 million before Shark Tank, its revenue climbed to $6.3 million after the show.

At present, Bertello’s product is available across leading stores in the U.S., including Amazon, Walmart, and their website too. They have expanded their product catalog, offering skillets and cooking accessories too.

With the consistent growth that the company is witnessing, it is safe to say that its valuation will only grow from here. Currently, they have an estimated valuation of around $2.5 million.


1. How successful is Bertello?

The founder of Bertello, Eric Bert, who studied to become a structural engineer started his Bertello oven with a vision and now the company is bringing in over $10 million in total revenue.

2. How long to cook pizza in the Bertello pizza oven?

If you have bought the Bertello pizza oven and you want to get started with making your pizza at home, we’d recommend you start by placing it outdoors for safety. Then, read the instructions and get started.

3. How hot does Bertello’s pizza oven get?

According to the claims by the company, the Bertello pizza oven can heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for wood-fired pizza.