Master P Net Worth – Finding Out About Percy Robert Miller’s Wealth

Master P Net Worth

Master P, also known as Percy Robert Miller, is a successful American rapper, entrepreneur, and record producer. He is widely recognized for his contributions to the hip-hop industry and his business ventures. 

With his diverse career spanning music, film, and more, Master P has amassed a considerable net worth. Given his celebrity status, it is expected that people will be curious about his lifestyle. 

If you are in the same boat and wish to find out more about Master P’s career and net worth, this article has all the details lined up for you.

Early Life

Master P’s real name is Percy Robert Miller Sr. and was born on 29th April 1970, in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. He comes from a large family of four siblings and parents. However, his parents, Percy and Josie Miller, didn’t stay together for long. They divorced each other when Master P was still young.

Growing up in the Calliope Projects of New Orleans, Master P faced many challenges, including poverty and violence. However, he didn’t let those things stop him from achieving what he wanted.

For education, he attended Booker T. Washington High School in New Orleans. Later, he won a scholarship to the University of Houston, where he excelled as a basketball player.


Master P started his career as a music artist and launched his first studio album “Get Away Clean” in 1991. But it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that he achieved mainstream success with his fifth album, “Ice Cream Man.” This album included hits like Bout It, Bout It, and Mr. Ice Cream Man, which helped him establish himself in the rap industry.

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, Master P continued to release successful albums, including “Ghetto D,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in 1997. He also collaborated with famous artists like Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, and Silkk the Shocker, further solidifying his reputation in the rap world.

In addition to music, he also ventured into business, founding No Limit Films and No Limit Clothing. Not only that, but he also played in the NBA for a brief period during the late 1990s, fulfilling a childhood dream.

Personal Life

According to online sources, Master P is a catholic and makes regular donations to Catholic elementary schools. As far as his married life is concerned, he tied the knot with Sonya C. Miller in 1989. After 21 years of marriage and 7 kids, they divorced in 2022. Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Master P never lost focus on his career.

Net Worth

Master P’s net worth reflects his multifaceted career and his ability to capitalize on opportunities across different industries. His journey from a humble background to a highly successful entertainer and entertainer shows his dedication to his work. Given his success rate, it doesn’t surprise us that he has over $200 million in his bank. A major chunk of his income is generated from his musical career, while the rest comes from his business ventures and basketball career.


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