Marty Schwartz Net Worth 2023: Early Life, Personal Life, Career, and More

Marty Schwartz Net Worth

Can you imagine working as a guitar teacher but earning six figures from it? Marty Schwartz made that a reality by channeling his talent and portraying that on social media. He is a famous guitar teacher and internet personality, who has gained a significant following over the last two decades.

His rise to fame is all thanks to YouTube, which helped him gain traction since the day he started posting his guitar lessons on the platform. Over the last 20 years, he has established himself as a leading guitar teacher on the platform.

With over 2 million subscribers and averaging over 1 billion views, it isn’t surprising that people are often inquisitive to know more about Marty Schwartz and his net worth. We will discuss more on that in this article.

Early Life

Marty Schwartz was born on November 11, 1975, in Newport Beach, California. When it comes to Marty’s early life, there isn’t much information available.

Reports suggest that Marty completed his schooling at Corona del Mar High School. Also, he learned how to play guitar when he was in high school.

Besides that, with the kind of interest that Marty had in music from an early age, he channeled that by being in a band during his life’s early years.


Marty started teaching guitar lessons in the late 1990s and started gaining rampant popularity. During that period, he was teaching in various music schools but later started his private guitar lessons.

But his life’s trajectory changed when he shifted to YouTube and started teaching people there. With his interactive teaching style, he gained 100,000 subscribers within three years of making his channel live.

As he kept posting consistently on his YouTube channel, his following grew pretty steadily. Over the years, Marty has now become one of the leading OG guitar teachers on YouTube. 

Marty’s career isn’t just limited to YouTube. He has also written several guitar instruction books, including “Guitar Jamz: Acoustic Guitar,” “Guitar Jamz: Blues Guitar,” and “Guitar Jamz: Beginner Guitar.” These have gained immense popularity.

Besides that, Marty has also released a variety of guitar instruction DVDs, and offers his guitar courses online, all of which add to his six-figure net worth.

Personal Life

Despite being on the internet for close to two decades, Marty Schwartz is a very private person. There is limited information about his personal life. However, it is known that he is married and has two children. He has mentioned his family in a few of his videos but he doesn’t expose them to the internet much.

Net Worth

Marty Schwartz, as of 2023, has an estimated net worth of $600,000. He has created multiple streams of income for himself, thanks to his guitar skills and the way he teaches people online via his YouTube channel.

Besides YouTube, Marty also teaches online guitar lessons, which he is appraised for as well. Given that he has millions of subscribers on YouTube, he also earns through brand deals and sponsorships. His online lessons and learning programs add to his net worth too.