Mark Wiens Net Worth 2024: How Much He Is Making?

Mark Wiens Net Worth

Mark Wiens is a well-known American food and travel vlogger based in Bangkok, Thailand. He has a successful YouTube channel where he shares his vlog stories with his followers. He is also a restaurateur and television host.

His channel is loved by millions of subscribers. They love to watch him share his daily life and travel experiences. He also makes videos about his hobbies.

Given Mark Wiens’ popularity, it is obvious that more people will want to know about his net worth. If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

Quick Facts

Full Name Mark Wiens
Birth Date 26 February 1986
Age 37
Country of Origin Germany
Nationality American
Profession Food and Travel Vlogger
Marital Status Married
Parent’s Name Unknown
Spouse Ying Wiens
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $10 million
Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Family and Early Life

He was born in Phoenix, Arizona on 26th February 1986. He comes from a Christian Missionary family. He is of Chinese and Germanic descent.

Growing up, Wiens lived in many places such as France, Nairobi, and the Demographic Republic of Congo.

Personal Life

Mark Wiens is a married man. He met his wife Ying while working as an English teacher in Thailand. The two got married in 2013 and welcomed a son in 2016.

Mark recently lost a little weight. He follows a balanced diet and loves to eat spicy foods.

Education Background

Wiens was homeschooled before moving to Nairobi, Kenya. Later, he attended the International School in Kenya and completed his high school from there.

After returning to Arizona, he enrolled at Arizona State University where he studied Global Studies. He acquired his graduation degree in the year 2008.

After completing college, he traveled through South America and secured a job as an English teacher in Patagonia. This is where he met his wife Ying.

Mark Wiens


Wiens started working a full-time job while he was still in college. His goal was to save up money to explore new places. After graduation, he went on a trip and traveled to South America and South East Asia.

His TESOL certificate helped him become an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. However, he quit the job in a year and focused on being a freelancer. Meanwhile, he started his first food blog called Eating Thai Food.

His first blog turned out to be a success, which led him to start a new website After becoming a little more famous, he released an e-book.

Wiens began his YouTube journey in 2012. He mainly shares food and travel vlogs on his channel. Initially, he used to make short clips of trying street food. But as he grew popular, he started making international travel and food videos twice a week.

He is known for his adventurous and engaging content. At present, he has over 9.3 million subscribers on his channel.

Earnings and Net Worth

As per sources, Mark Wiens’s income from YouTube is approx. $1.7 million per year. A major chunk of his wealth comes from YouTube ad revenue. His other income sources include affiliate links and sponsorship deals.

He also has his merchandise line and e-books which generates an additional income. His estimated net worth is $10 million as of 2024.

Mark Wiens Rise To Fame

Mark Wiens’ love for food started early, with his mom remembering how he had always loved eating rice. Growing up, he moved from France to Congo and Kenya, experiencing many cultures.

After spending some time in South America, Mark started his blog, Migrationology to share his food and travel adventures with the world. He moved to Thailand and wrote his first eBook “Eating Thai Food Guide.”

Mark’s journey from a child who loved rice to a world traveller and food expert indicates his passion for genuine experiences. Today, Mark has a large following on his channel and a massive net worth.


1. Where is Mark Wiens’s restaurant?

With the success that Mark gained with his food content on YouTube, it isn’t surprising that he managed to acquire steady growth and later launched his restaurant in Bangkok in 2019. It is a pretty successful restaurant to this day.

2. Why is Mark Wiens so popular?

Mark is one of the oldest food YouTubers and the authenticity behind his content is what has pushed him to acquire a steady growth to his name.

3. How spicy is Phed Mark?

Phed Mark, which is Mark Wiens’ restaurant has food of varying spice levels. You’d have to order according to your spice tolerance when you visit.