Lexi Rivera Net Worth – How Rich Is Brent Rivera’s Sister?

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

YouTube has changed the way we consume content. What started as a standard video streaming platform is now an income source for millions of people. Lexi Rivera, who is popularly known for being Brent Rivera’s sister, is a popular YouTuber and social media personality.

Lexi is known for her witty and charming personality and she has also managed to attract the attention of multiple viewers from across the globe, thanks to her unique prank videos. With the steady growth she has witnessed in her career, it isn’t surprising that she has amassed a net worth of around $2 million.

This article will further look into Lexi Rivera, her career, net worth, and her rise to fame as well.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Alexa Brooke Rivera
Birth Date June 07, 2001
Age 22
Country of Origin USA
YouTuber, Social Media Personality
Marital Status Unmarried
Parent’s Name John Rivera, Laura Rivera
Andrew Davila
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $2 million
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024

Early Life

Lexi was born on June 07, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California. Growing up in a middle-class family, Lexi didn’t have access to the luxuries that she does now. She was born to John and Laura Rivera and the couple have three other children. Lexi has three brothers, out of which Brent and Brice are YouTubers as well.

Lexi finished her formal education at Huntington Beach High School and later started her college at the University of California. She didn’t complete her college education and instead wanted to venture into social media, following in her brothers’ footsteps.

Personal Life

Despite posting everything online, Lexi hasn’t outright revealed if she is dating anyone. However, there are insinuations that she is most likely dating Andrew, who is part of their crew. 

She was rumored to be dating Ben Azelart previously but the couple split in 2020. Although they had a falling out, it seems that both Lexi and Ben are on good terms and separated amicably, which is always great.

Lexi Rivera


Lexi gained popularity and motivation for becoming a YouTuber from her brother, Brent. By the time Lexi got around to posting video content, her brother was already an established YouTube and social media personality.

Brent’s help in helping his sister grow was what catapulted Lexi’s popularity on YouTube initially after she started posting content.

Lexi started actively posting on YouTube in 2018 when she was 17 years old. Most of her initial videos were prank videos, challenges, and random vlogs that she posted. Once she started gaining traction on YouTube and other social media platforms, Lexi went on to collaborate with other creators, including Stokes Twins, Pierson, etc.

Besides YouTube, Lexi has also starred in a YouTube series titled Brobot. With her consistent posting schedule, unique video ideas, and collaborations, Lexi has managed to acquire over 11 million subscribers on her channel.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Lexi Rivera has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million. The majority of her income stems from her YouTube ad revenue. Besides that, she has a massive following across other social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, etc., which translates to her income in the form of brand endorsements and merchandise sales as well. She is consistently growing her YouTube channel and earns millions of views per video.


1. Is Lexi Rivera part of the Hype House?

Yes, Lexi Rivera was associated with the Hype House, a collaborative content creator group based in Los Angeles. However, things have changed quite drastically and there are now new members in the Hype House.

2. What kind of content does Lexi Rivera create?

Lexi Rivera creates a variety of content, including vlogs, challenges, lifestyle videos, and collaborations with other influencers.

3. Is   Lexi Rivera dating anyone?

Lexi seems to be hinting about dating Andrew Davila currently but there are no confirmed insights about the same. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the situation.