Joe Mele Net Worth – How Much is the Tiktok Star Worth?

Joe Mele Net Worth

We currently live in a world where the popularity of video streaming platforms has gained immense precedence. One name that deserves a place on the list is Joe Mele, who rose to fame after posting funny skits with his father.

Joe has over 13 million Tiktok followers and has gained an equal range of popularity across other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Besides his lip sync videos, Joe’s comedy skits have put him on the map, especially the “Ratatouille” video that he posted with his father.

This article will explore more about Joe Mele, his early life, career growth, and the kind of net worth he has gained over the years.

Early Life

Joe Mele was born on December 15, 1998, in a well-off family in the United States. Given his sudden virality and fame on Tiktok, there isn’t much information publicly known regarding his early life or his childhood.

Joe acquired his formal school education from one of his local high schools but there isn’t any information about which school he went to. However, it is known that he was pursuing a degree in finance from the University of Binghamton. He was a straight-A student.

Personal Life

Joe Mele is currently dating Angela Chalet, who is also a Tiktok creator and social media personality. The two of them frequently post funny videos together, even ones featuring Joe’s father in the mix. Besides that, Joe doesn’t share much about his personal life on the internet and prefers keeping it that way.


While acquiring his degree in finance, Joe was all ready to make the most out of his life and land a job in the relevant field. However, he also wanted to explore other options in his life. That is when he leveraged the power of social media, especially Tiktok.

He wrote original comedy skits and performed them on his account. However, it wasn’t until Joe included his father, Frank Mele, that his account blew up.

One of the first viral videos of the father-son duo was when Joe dressed up his father as Anton Ego from Ratatouille. Besides Tiktok, Joe also shared similar videos on his YouTube channel and started gaining more and more traction. 

During the pandemic, Joe started posting on Tiktok more frequently and even got his father to participate in the funny skits and videos he posted. The relatable humor that Joe posted on his channel was what drove the popularity to the peak.

Initially, Joe wanted to pursue Tiktok as a part-time thing but with the kind of traction he has gained, it has turned into his full-time profession and he ended up dropping out of college. 

Net Worth

With the steady and steep incline that Joe has witnessed in his career, it is safe to say that he has gained a lot of traction financially as well. His estimated net worth is under $5 million. But, there’s no way of knowing the exact numbers. The majority of his income comes from Tiktok, followed by YouTube and Instagram. He also does brand deals.


1. Who is Joe Mele?

Joe Mele is a renowned American Tiktoker and social media personality who’s known for making funny videos and sketches with his father.

2. How much does Joe Mele make?

Joe has a dedicated following across all of his socials and he earns six figures every month, which explains his net worth between $1-$5 million.

3. Who are Frank and Joe’s melee?

Frank and Joe are a father-son duo on Tiktok that post comedy skits and often cosplay as characters from different movies, including Ratatouille.

4. Is Joe Mele on Instagram?

Besides Instagram, Joe is also available on Instagram and has an extensive following there as well.