Jio 5G Data Plan Launched in India – Everything you Need to Know

Jio 5G Data Plan Launched in India

Reliance Jio is a leading telecom brand in India that has revolutionized the way people access and use the internet. Ever since the launch of Jio 4G, especially with the initial bout of free SIM cards and data plans, users across India have become heavily reliant on internet connectivity.

Now, Jio is all set to delve into the 5G route with their new data plans, which have been recently launched in India. The brand has recently launched its 5G plan for Rs. 61, enabling more and more people in India to experience the power and efficiency of the 5G speed.

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The telecom brand has already added this new 5G upgrade in their My Jio app, adding the existing Rs. 61 voucher plan, which will enable users with 5G compatible smartphones to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity.

Jio has recently reported that users who don’t have a higher-price data plan can avail of the Rs. 61 vouchers to enjoy the 5G services in India for an uninterrupted network and calling experience.

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For users who have a data plan costing Rs. 239 and above, they don’t need to buy a separate voucher to enjoy the brand’s 5G services. However, if your data plan is lower than that, the additional Rs. 61 value pack will allow users easy access to the 5G-compatible smartphones running on the Jio network in India.

Currently, the Rs. 61 vouchers will work with data plans costing Rs. 119, Rs. 149, Rs. 179, Rs. 199, etc. Also, the voucher will remain active until your main data plan is active. However, one thing that you need to realize is that if you haven’t received the Jio 5G Welcome Offer, you won’t be able to use or access the 5G services.

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The two most important factors you have to keep in mind when using the 5G offer are to ensure that your smartphone is 5G compatible and it should also receive the 5G update from the manufacturer. Not having one of these above will prevent you from enjoying the 5G services on your phone.

Additionally, once you buy the new Jio 5G voucher, you have to ensure that your device’s mobile network is set to 5G as well to sort things out. Not having the relevant settings will also prevent you from getting the relevant updates that you need to enjoy the 5G connectivity via the Jio network.

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