Jimmy Buffett Net Worth 2024: From A Musician To Billionaire

Jimmy Buffett Net Worth

Jimmy Buffet, the legendary musician who was known for his laid-back island persona was the world’s richest musician.

With a career span of over three decades, and numerous hit songs and albums, his billionaire status shouldn’t come as a surprise.

While he is no longer among us, his legacy continues to live through his songs, and books that he wrote when he was still alive.

If you are curious to find out more about his career and net worth, you will get everything here. 

Early Life

James William Buffet, who was known to the world as Jimmy Buffett, was born on 25th December 1946. Although his birthplace is Pascagoula, Mississippi, he spent most of his progressive years in Fairhope and Mobile, Alabama.

He was born to parents James Delaney Buffet, Jr. and Mary Lorraine. Coming from an established family, Jimmy also had two sisters, younger than him.

Due to his father and grandfather’s profession, Jimmy was lucky to experience sailing at a young age, unbeknownst to how it would later influence his musical career.


Jimmy Buffett, after graduation, relocated to New Orleans, where he started his career with street performances. To further his career in country music, he shifted to Nashville, Tennessee. In the beginning, things didn’t seem to work well for Jimmy, until one day, when he was offered a two-album contract.

His debut album titled, “Down to Earth” was released in 1970, but sold only 324 copies. After working solo for a few years, he founded the Coral Reefer Band in 1975. Thereafter, the band gave numerous stage performances, including being the opening act for the legendary band Eagles.

Throughout his career, Jimmy Buffett recorded several songs and albums, which established him as a world-famous music star.

Besides having a successful musical career, Jimmy Buffet authored three books, all of them ranked as best-sellers on The New York Times Best Seller List.

Jimmy Buffett was also a successful businessman, founding his brand “Margaritaville.” Under his brand name, he launched numerous other businesses, which ultimately made him a billionaire.

Personal Life

Jimmy Buffett was married two times. After his first marriage in 1969, with Margie Washichek, he tied the knot with Jane Slagsvol, in 1977.

His first marriage lasted just for a year and eventually ended up in a divorce. He met his second wife while she was still attending the University of South Carolina. His second marriage wasn’t a happy one either, with him separating from his wife due to their wild and free lifestyle. However, they reconciled after some time.

Net Worth

Jimmy Buffett passed away on 1st September 2023, leaving behind a massive fortune of $1 billion, according to Forbes.

Jimmy Buffett started his career as a humble musician, only to reach the heights of grand success in the future. A majority of his wealth is credited to recording and touring, and personal brand, Margaritaville. He was one of the first musicians to capitalize on his reputation and image.


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