Jemish Katariya: A Young Man With a Clear Vision for Good Cause

Jemish Katariya

Desire to help isn’t a personality trait, it’s an outcome of experience we face in our life. Jemish katariya learned it an early age and striving to help needy people with all the resources he has at the moment.

Yeah, at the age of 20 this young man is doing an incredible work for needy and helpless people out there and built his social image with this good cause.

Currently, being the founder of a social media group called “Sinhan Sarkar” he is well connected with poor & needy people, and with help of this group he’s helping all by providing them food and other necessities.

Also, his way of helping and a down to earth personality grabbed the attention of politically connected celebrities, who took a step forward and helping him get ahead in this good cause.

Jemish believes in spreading selfless unconditional love among needy people as they’re the backbone of our society and possesses equal right to grow and get ahead in the life.

Recently, while giving an interview to a leading news channel, Jemish stated that instead of being involved in politics and helping people, it gives him more happiness when he stay connected and helps them for their needs.


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