Is ‘The Polar Express’ on Netflix for Christmas 2020?

Is ‘The Polar Express’ on Netflix

‘The Polar Express’ – Complete Netflix Guide Region-wise 

As Christmas is just a month away many of you would be shortlisting some of your favorite movies to binge-watch during the Christmas holiday. And, we are sure ‘The Polar Express’ will be one of them. ‘The Polar Express’ is a story of a young boy who gets on a train and sets on an adventurous trip to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. During his journey, he meets so many people who make his journey remarkable. Tom Hanks is the conductor of the train in which he boards. 

Though the movie was released about 16 years ago in 2004, it is still considered a favorite for many. It has gained three Oscar nominations despite being criticized for its animation effects. 

If you cannot watch The Polar Express on Netflix, we will help you to watch it on other platforms. 

Why ‘The Polar Express’ is missing in the Netflix United States? 

Is ‘The Polar Express’ on Netflix

Many of you would have seen ‘The Polar Express’ on Netflix US in April 2020. But you might wonder why it is missing now. The film was removed from Netflix US in just about two to three months in July 2020. If you’re wondering why Netflix US removed the film, you should learn about the license of The Polar Express. Warner Brothers are the owner of the film ‘The Polar Express’. Generally, Warner Brothers lend the film to the platforms in three months stints. 

Many expected Warner Brothers to halt licensing out the film and keep it constant for its HBO Max service. But this does not seem to be happening.

Netflix DVD service still has The Polar Express. So, if you want to rent the DVD from there, you can do it. 

Availability of ‘The Polar Express’ on other regions Of Netflix 

The Polar Express is currently streaming on NowTV in the United Kingdom, especially for the holiday. If you are in the UK, you can also watch the movie with a Sky Movies subscription. 

When concerned with Netflix Australia, the movie is available on Netflix there. It was added recently on November 20th, 2020 as a weekly addition. Watch it right away because we never know when it will be removed. 

Other regions that are streaming ‘The Polar Express’ now include Brazil, Czech Republic, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, France, Israel, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, and Turkey. These regions currently stream ‘The Polar Express’, but we will never know when they will remove it from their Netflix list.


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