Is Silvervine Safe for Dogs – Breaking Down the Truth

Is Silvervine Safe for Dogs – Breaking Down the Truth

If you own a cat, chances are that you are aware of what Silvervine is. Actinidia polygama is the alternative to catnip that’s prevalently found in East Asia and has become a favorite among many cat parents because of its effectiveness, safety, and availability.

However, while we are sure that Silvervine is safe for cats, can we say the same for dogs as well? If we had to answer in short, Silvervine is generally pet safe and that includes your dogs as well. That said, every dog is different, which is why we’d recommend you consult your vet once before giving them Silvervine.

This article will deep dive into everything you need to know about Silvervine and its safety for dogs.

What is Silvervine?

Silvervine is commonly known as Japanese catnip and is becoming increasingly popular in East Asia and other parts of the world as an alternative to standard catnip.

Primarily, this woody vine with oval-shaped leaves is native to Japan, China, and Korea and you can find them in abundance around those spaces. Coming to the leaves, which are the main part of this plant, typically have a white underside and silver-gray coloration.

Now, the question is, “How is the plant used?” Silvervine is typically known for its robust aroma and pungent flavor, which is something that mimics the effects of catnip. It is a kind of stimulant and quite popular among cats.

Is Silvervine Safe for Dogs?

As we mentioned before, Silvervine is generally considered safe for dogs. However, we’d still recommend that you consult your vet once about the situation and get their opinion on the same.

That said, the following are a few ways silver vine can be beneficial for dogs:

Stimulation and enrichment 

The stimulating benefits of the silver vine are something that many dogs enjoy. It provides them with physical and mental enrichment that’s perfect if your dog is always anxious or often remains bored around the house.


Silvervine is considered non-toxic to dogs but you have to be mindful of the amount you give them. The last thing you want to do is give the dogs an overdose, which can lead to complications. You don’t want to give your dogs serious poisoning, which is why it’s ideal to consult a vet regarding the amount and frequency.

Appetite stimulation

If your dog isn’t eating well and you want to help them along, Silver Vine can be a good option. It is an appetite stimulant, which can be great for dogs that have poor appetite or have decreased interest in food.

Note: Always consult your vet to get a complete rundown of what would be best for your dog.


Silvervine is generally safe and non-toxic for dogs. So, if you have been meaning to give your dog some, there shouldn’t be any complications with it. The only thing you have to be mindful of is the amount you are giving and how often you are giving it to them.


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