Does Giant Trevally Attack Humans?

Does Giant Trevally Attack Humans?

Underwater is an unknown territory for us humans. Numerous threats are lurking under the water, out of which sharks, killer whales, and poisonous jellyfish are the prominent ones. However, there’s one more enemy that humans need to be aware of Giant Trevally.

Giant Trevally, also known as Caranix Ignobilis, is a predatory fish species that is commonly found in the Indo-Pacific region. It is a large fish species with impressive strength and size. Although it preys on crustaceans, and other small fish, it poses great danger to humans. In this article, we will investigate whether this fish species is capable of killing or attacking humans.

Is Giant Trevally A Threat To Humans?

Giant Trevally can get very large; almost two meters long, and weigh more than 50 kilograms, which makes them look scary. Despite their large size, they mainly feed on tiny sea creatures and fish. Sometimes, they may go after smaller predators. 

However, a giant trevally can be dangerous to humans. There have been many instances of these fish attacking humans. In their defense, they mainly do it to protect themselves or if they are bothered.

Giant trevally has a shy nature and often run away when they see people. However, they can be hard to predict and might get aggressive if they feel unsafe. So, people must stay alert when they are near these fish, and avoid provoking or scaring them.

Some Amazing Facts About Giant Trevally

Let us now learn a few interesting facts about Giant Trevally to understand the species better.

  • Very Aggressive

Giant trevally are incredibly fierce creatures. They can be so bold that at times they headbutt sharks, causing injuries or even death. When they are curious, their first instinct is to take a bite.

  • Impressive Jumpers

Despite their big size, these fish are impressive jumpers and can easily jump out of water. They use this ability to catch birds that come too close to the water’s surface.

  • Clever Hunters

Giant trevals are not just big and fast, they are also known for their cunning hunting tactics. They often ambush their prey, and sometimes they even team up with other predators like sharks to scare smaller fish into submission.

  • Fast Swimmers

Giant trevally are incredibly fast swimmers, reaching speeds of just over 37 miles per hour. They are like the race cars of the underwater world!

  • Apex Predators

These fish are at the top of their food chain. They are so big and strong that there are very few animals that prey on them. These fish will eat almost anything they can catch.

  • Ferocious Appearance

The giant trevally has a sleek body and is mostly silvery-grey in color with a bit darker back and head. Compared to females, males are much darker and they are over 20 inches long.

These fish have gill rakers, which are small cartilaginous bumps that help them filter tiny organisms for their meals.

Final Words 

While giant trevally are remarkable creatures of the sea, they are dangerous to humans. They might get aggressive and attack whenever they feel threatened or provoked. This is why humans need to maintain caution when in their presence.


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