Infinite Mage Chapter 51: Everything About the Raw Scan and Release Date

Infinite Mage Chapter 51

If you are a fan of Korean manhwa, chances are that you have read Infinite Mage. The Manhwa series has not only attracted a dedicated fanbase, it has also created uproar in the community with its unique storyline and intriguing characters.

Going online means you will be bombarded with Reddit raw scans and consistent questions asking about the potential release date of the chapter. If you have completed reading the first 50 chapters and are looking for more insights related to the release of Chapter 51, we have all the insights ready for you.

This article will explore everything that is not known about Infinite Mage Chapter 51 and its release date.

When is Infinite Mage Chapter 51 Released?

With the successful release of the first 50 chapters, Infinite Mage is ready to return with Chapter 51 and the good news is that the wait is going to be over soon. We have all the insights regarding the release of the new chapter, so you won’t have to live in complete agony.

For your convenience, we have sorted out the release dates in a table format for easy read-through.

Time zones Date Day Time
Pacific Standard Time (PST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 12:00 AM
Central Standard Time (CST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time (EST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 3:00 AM
British Summer Time (BST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 10:00 AM
Indian Standard Time (IST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 2:30 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 7:00 PM
Japan Standard Time (JST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 12:00 AM
Korea Standard Time (KST) September 27, 2023 Wednesday 12:00 AM

Please note that these release times are subject to change, so our suggestion would be to keep an eye out on the official platform where the chapter is released.

Infinite Mage Chapter 51 – What Can We Expect?

If you have yet to read Chapter 50 and the ones before that, we’d recommend you start from there. There are a lot of plots that you need to catch up with before you progress to the next one.

That said, we were acquainted with one of Siena’s friends in Chapter 50 and Siena may meet that friend in the new chapter. 

Upon meeting, Siena realizes her feelings for this friend but she is also adamant on the fact that she shouldn’t be harboring such feelings because she is the one that caused the accident in the first place. There are a lot of inner conflicts in Siena’s mind, which we might get to unlock in the new chapter.

Deep down, Siena knows that it is unhealthy to let the guilt eat away at her but she is also finding it quite hard to navigate through these feelings that she has in her mind. Siena also has a lot of wrong knowledge related to her friend, thinking he is married, which isn’t the case. So, it looks like we have a lot to uncover.

Where can I read Infinite Mage Chapter 51?

Infinite Mage is exclusively available on the Kakao Page. So, if you want to read the raw version of the chapter, it will be available there. However, if you want the English translation, it will be available at Tapas Media.


With so much happening in Infinite Mage, the first thing you need to do is catch up. Before the new chapter is released, finish the previous ones so you aren’t left clueless as to what’s happening. There’s undoubtedly a lot to unfold, so get started.


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