How the Political Independence of Bitcoin Claims an Advantage Over other Fiat Currencies?

Bitcoin Claims an Advantage Over other Fiat Currencies

The introduction of bitcoin as a digital currency in the market place has totally evolved the scenario of dealing and trading. MNCs and leading traders are performing primary deals in bitcoin. Devoid of bitcoin every bitcoin digital as well as land-based transactions requires the involvement of third parties like higher government authorities, national banks, domestic banks and brokers.

The perceived characteristics of political independence, anonymity have fixed the limelight on bitcoin. Moreover, bitcoin transactions brim with security due to the concept of blockchain and bitcoin highly encrypted algorithm. In comparison to the traditional banking system, the speed of bitcoin transaction is all-embracing. Beneath elaborated is an entire portion of how decentralization makes bitcoin supreme in contrast to fiat currencies. 

Exposure to Confiscations 

The central bank, higher authorities issues fiat currencies like Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Yen. The flow of these currencies are regulated by higher authorities, third parties and central banks. Rather than just regulating the flow of fiat currencies, higher authorities intervene in the digital as well as the land-based transaction.

The entire control over the fiat currencies determines the exposure of seizures of your wealth. In case these authorities spot any issues in your transactions, they have all the rights to seize your wealth subjected to that blunder.

Devoid of Anonymity 

The centralization of fiat currencies has declined the aspects like confidentiality, liability and many others. You might be familiar with that traditional banking system, as well as e-banking forums, display personal information like name, address, sex and many others. They comprise personal information that annihilates anonymity and enhances the ease of tracing the transactions. 

Even though each and every verified bitcoin transaction is recorded on a publically distributed ledger, the complex only compromises with the wallet address while making transactions. The notion of blockchain sustain transparency and anonymity simultaneously.

Probable Potential Risks

Third parties involved in the traditional banking methods and transactions lose up at the end of security. The fiat currencies issued by government authorities is valuable to every individual of the specific region, which is one of the most apparent reasons for thievery and other elements in the market.

The anonymity characteristics of bitcoin unwind the possibility of theft elements, as it only deals with wallet address in the transactions. However, to complicate the tracing aspect of real identity, users must utilize different wallet address every time they perform a transaction.

No Seizures

As mentioned ahead, there are no third parties involved in the bitcoin complex, which means there is cynosure where your entire wealth is stored. You are the owner of the bitcoin present in your bitcoin wallet does not matter whether it is hard-based or cloud-based. 

The authenticity of bitcoin transactions is validated by a group of individuals named Miners. Mining is a process of solving a mathematical equation and render the information of verified transaction to the publically distributed ledger. However is a complicated process and requires a robust mining rig, software and conventional source of electricity.


The utmost appealing feature offered by the bitcoin complex is that no one is familiar that you own a bitcoin. Even Government authorities are not familiar that who owns a bitcoin and who does not. Investors and traders are allowed to buy bitcoin from a specific trustable exchange, in contrast to the traditional bank account creation process require only some basic information to be filled.

After the creation of an account, you need to verify your account via the Know your customer process. The KYC process requires a government-issued ID and your photographs; once you have submitted the information and your government-issued ID to the website, you just have to sit back and relax. The KYC process may consume 5 minutes to 5 days depending upon the verifying team of a particular trustable exchange.

No Thievery

Every bitcoin unit is highly encrypted with a bitcoin algorithm and a source code rendered by the bitcoin. Moreover, the blockchain concept enhances the transparency of the bitcoin network, which makes it quite impossible for a hacker to steal your bitcoin. In order to make the theft elements work, they need to alter every possible copy of bitcoin, which requires a lot of resources to be invested.

These are some of the crucial reasons why decentralization claims an advantage over fiat currencies if you want to gather some information about the bitcoin universe, checkout for more details.