Horse Racing Events For Newcomers


One of the biggest sports and my all-time favorite sport to watch is Horse racing. Not only is it interesting and year-round, but it is also one of the most communal sports around, it has been around for such a long time and is engrossed in a lot of the cultures around the world. As someone who has been involved in horse racing, I think I have the perfect amount of information for newcomers who want to do Boylesports horse racing because it is such a big part of the betting and sports industry. 

Royal Ascot

Luckily, for the new fans of horse racing, you don’t need to know a lot of stories and names as you would with football or with Marvel films for example. I think we should start at the biggest horse racing festival in the world. Some horse racing fans may think that calling this the biggest horse racing event in the world is controversial but the people who attend this make it the biggest. Royal Ascot is a June held festival and gets infamous people attending including the British royals. As well as this it also has the most valuable prize fund in British horse racing with a prize worth $12.6 million. If you ever wanted an incentive, think about how much this money would change a life and how hard the racers would try and think about the excitement this could bring you. 

I spent a few years saving my money and I went to the biggest horse racing events in the UK Royal Ascot was one of the better ones, although not my favorite. 

The Grand National

This is my favorite horse racing event that I attended. It is also one of my favorite times of my life. The Grand National is such a big thing for the UK and has around 150,000 people attending and the culture that you see here is incredible. Not only this but the racing itself is always exciting and keeps you on your toes. Before I went to the Grand National I watched it on the TV along with 600 million people and it was just as exciting, so if you are going to watch, I would start with the Grand National as it is watched by the most people.

Cheltenham Festival

In the British horse racing calendar Cheltenham comes first and is coincidentally on the same weekend as St. Patrick’s Day, meaning the crowd is filled with Irish fans and is used as a big celebration and this is notable when you watch and attend the event. This is one of the biggest horse racing festivals in the world, with 28 races stretched over 4 days and the massive betting culture surrounding it, making it not only the best horse racing event in the world but one of the biggest sporting events ever. 

Epsom Derby

When we talk about the culture of horse racing, the Epsom Derby is one of the oldest races in the world, with its first race being held in 1780, which is a time considering how long the race has been around and the viewers and attendees it still gets to this day. Around 100,000 thousand people attend the race and this includes the royals and other celebrities that attend making it a bit of a celeb hotspot. When I attended I saw Prince William for around 2 minutes before he got ushered off. The best-dressed lady gets a prize of $6.4k which is a fun goal for people to aim towards. With 7 races at the festival, it has the very famous Investec Derby has a prize of $1.9 Million and instantly makes the winner a horse racing legend.