Hazel Grace Net Worth 2023 – How Wealthy is the Russian Film Actress?

Hazel Grace Net Worth

When you hear the name, Hazel Grace, the first thing that it reels back to is “Fault in Our Stars.” Well, the Hazel Grace we are going to be talking about is a Russian actress and Tiktok star.

Hazel has acquired a dedicated fanbase to her name with her dedicated talent and her eclectic personality. Despite being so young, Hazel has worked with leading producers and has worked on popular projects to date.

This article will explore more about Hazel Grace, her personal and early life, her career, and the kind of net worth she has acquired.

Early Life

Hazel Grace was born on April 17, 2001, in Russian Federation. Although Hazel has acquired a dedicated fanbase now, she grew up with a passion for acting and the creative side of things from an early age.

She is an Aries and a devout Christian, according to reports. We couldn’t find any information about Hazel’s parents and her siblings, since she prefers keeping her family out of the media. However, in multiple interviews, Hazel has mentioned time and time that her family has been supportive of her career choices from her childhood.

Hazel completed her education at a local high school and later enrolled in a university to complete her graduation. There’s not a lot of insight regarding the names of those educational institutes.

Personal Life

Scrolling through her Instagram account, we couldn’t find any insights regarding Hazel’s dating history. There’s also not a lot of information about her current relationship status. But, according to public knowledge, Hazel is single. Besides having a flourishing career, Hazel seems to be a homebody and loves to spend time with herself.


Hazel’s career started in the modeling industry. She didn’t break into the acting scene right away if that’s something you have been wondering about. Right after turning 20, Hazel stepped into the modeling industry and surprisingly did well in it.

It was a combination of her unique appearance and charming personality that made her career in the modeling industry take off. Since then, she has done hundreds of photo shoots for different brands and magazine covers.

Hazel’s dedication and hard work have landed her work with some of the leading fashion brands. Besides acquiring good and steady fame in the modeling industry, Hazel has also landed a few acting gigs. These are all minor gigs, in which she has done supporting roles.

We can’t seem to find the names of the films or shows she acted in. However, Hazel has utilized that initial fame in the acting industry to further bolster her social media following. She has a pretty decent following on Instagram, which she uses to promote brands, share her modeling projects, and a lot more.

Net Worth

Hazel Grace has an estimated net worth of $600,000, which she has earned through her modeling and acting gigs. Her social media following has also helped her establish a steady income source by promoting brands and endorsing their products. 


1. How many followers does Hazel have on Instagram?

With her amazing modeling campaigns and charming presence, it isn’t even a question that Hazel has acquired a dedicated fanbase with half a million followers on Instagram.

2. Does Hazel Grace collaborate with brands?

Hazel has a very engaged audience and most of her posts average over 20,000 likes, which explains why brands want to leverage her influence to bring themselves profits. She has worked with several brands.

3. Does Hazel model?

Hazel is still a sought-after model and she works with local and international brands for their launch campaigns and even posts about them on her account.