Hart Of Dixie Season 5 – Has It Been Renewed?

Hart Of Dixie Season 5

Hart of Dixie ran for four successful seasons between the years of 2011 and 2015 and since the last episode of Season 4, we have not received any further updates regarding a new season around the corner.

For those that haven’t watched the show yet, Hart of Dixie is a popular American comedy-drama television series that premiered on the CW. The show follows the life of Dr. Zoe Hart, a young cardiothoracic surgeon who relocates to Bluebell, Alabama following her father’s death.

With the success of the first four seasons, the fans are curious to know if the creators would return with Hart of Dixie Season 5 as a surprise.

When is Hart Of Dixie Season 5 Releasing?

Hart of Dixie, as we mentioned, ran for four seasons. And, unfortunately, the show was eventually canceled in 2015 after the completion of the fourth season.

The creators and the network have not shed any light on why that’s the case, so that has been an interesting take. Most of the fans were upset about the sudden cancellation and are still hopeful that the creators would return with a fifth season out of the blue.

Creator of the show Leila Gerstein during one of her interviews in 2021 said that she is willing and open to the idea of a fifth season. This further reignited hope in the minds of the fans who are desperate for a new season.

However, since then, there has been no progress related to the release of the fifth season, so it looks like the audience might not be getting what they wanted.

What can we expect from Hart of Dixie Season 5?

If Hart of Dixie does return for a fifth season, the show will likely continue to follow Zoe Hart and her life in Bluebell. We can expect to see her continue to grow as a doctor and as a person and to navigate the complex relationships in her life. 

We may also see some new characters introduced, and perhaps some old favorites return. Everything seems to be uncertain at this point.

Also, since the creators haven’t hinted at anything further regarding the release of the fifth season, there are chances that the show is most likely not coming back with a new season down the road, so there’s no point speculating what could happen.

Who is returning to Hart of Dixie Season 5?

It is difficult to say who would return for a fifth season of Hart of Dixie without knowing more about the show’s plans. 

However, it is likely that Rachel Bilson will reprise her role as Zoe Hart, and that other key cast members such as Jaime King (Lemon Breeland), Wilson Bethel (Wade Kinsella), and Cress Williams (Lavon Hayes) will also return.

  • Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

  • Jaime King

Jaime King

  • Wilson Bethel

Wilson Bethel

  • Cress Williams

Cress Williams


Hart of Dixie does deserve a return with Season 5, especially to appease the fans who have been looking forward to more updates about what happens in Hart’s life next. At this point, we will have to settle for the fact that the show is most likely not coming back.


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