Good Morning, Veronica Season 3 – What’s The Update?

Good Morning, Veronica Season 3

Seeing the name of the show, you’d think that Good Morning, Veronica is a simple show but to be fair, this crime drama series is unlike anything else. It is a Brazilian show that took the audience through a journey with its first two seasons.

Following the critical success of the two seasons and a cliffhanger in the second season’s ending, the fans are now curious to know what’s next. When is Season 3 coming and will it take the audience through a similar experience to the first two seasons?

We will be discussing more about Good Morning, Veronica Season 3, its release, and what the future holds down the road.

When is Good Morning, Veronica Season 3 Releasing?

Has the show been renewed for Season 3? The answer is yes. Netflix has already renewed the show, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Has Netflix given any hint related to the show’s eventual release date? The answer is no. As the audience, we have no confirmed idea about the release date yet, which is quite a downside at this point.

But, before you get upset, Netflix has confirmed that the cast and crew have started shooting for Season 3 in May 2023. So, with the production underway, it isn’t too farfetched to think that the creators might end up releasing the show sometime in 2024.

Since we don’t have any confirmation yet, we’d have to wait to see how things roll down the road. It would be interesting to see what the showrunners have in store.

What can we expect from Good Morning, Veronica Season 3?

The third season is expected to delve deeper into the complex web of corruption and injustice that Verônica unraveled in the previous seasons. With the introduction of new characters and the return of familiar faces, the series promises to deliver even more twists and turns.

With that said, we understand that there are viewers who have yet to watch the show, and if that’s you and you are sitting there all confused, let us clarify the details for you.

The show follows Verônica Miller, the tenacious police clerk turned vigilante detective, and the cases that she solves at work. Do things get messy along the way? Absolutely yes. There is so much that’s left to be explored in the show and Season 3 will be a step towards that.

Who is returning on Good Morning, Veronica Season 3?

Since Good Morning, Veronica Season 3 is currently in production, we can be hopeful that the main cast will make a comeback. This would include:

  • Tainá Müller as Verônica Miller

Tainá Müller

  • Reynaldo Gianecchini as Wilson

Reynaldo Gianecchini

  • Klara Castanho as Anita

Klara Castanho

  • Camila Márdila as Ana

Camila Márdila

  • Adriano Garib as Delegado Antunes

Adriano Garib

  • Ester Dias as Glória

Ester Dias


What is the official release date of Good Morning, Veronica Season 3?

We don’t have a confirmed release date for Good Morning, Veronica season 3 yet, but it is expected to be released sometime in 2024.

Who plays the character of Veronica Miller in Good Morning, Veronica?

The main character Veronica Miller is played by actress Tania Muller. She is a police clerk turned vigilante detective who solves complex cases.

Who are the main cast members returning for Good Morning, Veronica season 3?

The main cast members who are expected to return include Taina Muller as Veronica Miller, Klara Castanho as Anita, Reynaldo Gianecchini as Wilson, Camila Mardila as Ana, Adriano Garib as Delegado Antunes, and Ester Dias as Gloria.


Good Morning, Veronica Season 3 is highly anticipated because the fans are curious to find out what happens next and how things progress down the line. To be fair, there’s so much that we are expecting to unfold along the way, so it would be interesting to see which direction the writers take the storyline.


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