Good Girls Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More


The blend of crime, comedy, and drama often seems like a misfit but Good Girls has managed to make it work for the last four seasons. Following the lives of three mothers, who end up heisting a supermarket in desperate need, but later collaborate with the FBI and crime lord.

Following the four outstanding seasons of the show, the fans are now badly awaiting the release of the fifth season. The show first aired in 2018 and has continued until 2021, releasing four seasons in 4 years. 

Starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman as the protagonists, Good Girls isn’t your typical drama. The twists and turns along the plot are unexpected and hit you when you least expect them.

If you have finished watching the first four seasons and have been wondering about Good Girls Season 5, this article will explore all that you need to know.

Good Girls Season 5

When is Good Girls Season 5 Releasing?

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

Following four successful seasons, NBC confirmed that the show is being pulled off the network. In short, Good Girls has been canceled.

Although the full depth of the cancellation isn’t known, the most common reason that the network is citing is due to poor ratings. Many of the fans believe that although the show didn’t become an extensive commercial success, it managed to bring together a fanbase of its own.

So, it is safe to say that the fanbase of the show has been highly disappointed after knowing that the show has been canceled after four seasons. Although Season 5 of Good Girls seems highly unlikely now, we’d recommend that you go and rewatch all the first four seasons. They are streaming on Netflix.

What is the Plot of Good Girls Season 5?

Good Girls Season 5 plot

If you have yet to watch the first four seasons of Good Girls, we’d highly recommend that you do that first. The majority of the viewers have expressed their anguish surrounding the fact that the fourth season ended quite abruptly.

That was one of the tell-tale signs that the show would most likely return with Season 5. However, the network canceled the show before that.

However, if we had to guess a potential plot for Good Girls Season 5, we believe that it will most likely pick up from where the fourth season ended. It would most likely focus on the protagonists and their trying to balance between the criminal altercations and their regular life.

There are a lot of loopholes in the plot, which haven’t been answered in the fourth season. So, answers to whether Rio will be out of prison or where Stan’s money went, etc. are still missing and will most likely remain like that until a fifth season is released, which seems highly unlikely.

From the romance point of view, the audience is also curious to know about Annie and Greg and Beth and Dean’s marital life and whether it will sustain in the long run. A lot of answers are pending.

Who would be cast in Good Girls Season 5?

Good Girls Season 5 Cast

Now that we know that Good Girls has been canceled by NBC, there’s no point discussing who would star in the fifth season because it’s not even happening.

However, if Season 5 were to happen, here’s what the cast would look like:

  • Manny Montana
  • Lidya Jewett
  • Isaiah Stannard
  • David Hornsby
  • Mae Mae Renfrow
  • Christina Anthony
  • Brooke Lyons

These are the main cast that would have returned if Good Girls was renewed for a fifth season. But, it’s not happening anytime soon or at all.

Is there a Trailer for Good Girls Season 5?

NBC has confirmed that Good Girls has been canceled after four successful seasons. So, if you are patiently awaiting a trailer or teaser for the fifth season, it isn’t happening.

We’d recommend that you binge-watch the first four seasons instead. The fourth season, albeit the abrupt ending, does narrate the story so it ends on a full circle. So, while you are left with a few questions, they aren’t as bad as you’d think.

Where to Watch It?

Good Girls Season 1-4 aired on NBC. However, if you are considering streaming it on a platform, the first four seasons of the show are available on Netflix. If you have an active subscription to the platform, you should be able to watch the show without any complaints.


Good Girls Season 5 isn’t happening anytime soon (or at all). Although quite disappointing, the show’s poor ratings ended up being the catalyst behind its cancellation. If you have been awaiting a potential release sometime soon, we hate to break it to you but it isn’t happening. The chances of the show returning after cancellation are slim to none. So, all that you can do now is binge-watch the first four seasons and be happy with it for now.