Firefox 124 Update Features


Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

The popularity of Google as a web browser is universal, with the term “to Google” something entering the lexicon of English speakers around the world. But it is not the only option when it comes to searching the web, and those hoping to enjoy greater privacy and security might find that Firefox is an excellent alternative.

This makes it the perfect choice for people who do more than just browse online with shoppers and bettors benefitting the most. Any monetary transaction online carries some kind of risk, and knowing the browser you use and the sites you enter are safer will help. Betting expert Sam Barnard pinpoints security alongside reliability, trust, and payment methods as some of the most important factors that customers should consider when choosing these sites.

The latest updates from Firefox include security enhancements that help to protect users and the data they provide when registering on different sites.

Like Google, Mozilla Firefox is constantly striving to improve its performance, and regular updates take place to ensure users enjoy the most up-to-date settings and features.

Firefox 124 is the most recent update has worked on eliminating security vulnerabilities, but is not a major overhaul of the existing system.

The most significant change to the system is the “Caret Browsing” update that is now available within the PDF viewer. This feature allows users to place the cursor on a specific part of the text in a Firefox web page before controlling it with the arrow keys. 

Firefox Caret Browsing is activated by hitting the F7 key, clicking on ‘yes’ in the pop-up, and clicking on the text before using the arrow keys. You can then exit Caret Browsing by clicking the F7 button again.

Another new feature will allow users to sort their open tabs with them automatically being set by last activity. Alternatively, you will be able to sort by tab order, helping users to enjoy a better browsing experience.

Firefox 124’s security updates came in the form of patches that effectively tackled 12 vulnerabilities. One safety bug was considered critical-severity level affected memory safety and had the potential for arbitrary code execution exploitation.

Five further vulnerabilities were considered high-severity and included issues like sandbox escape, out-of-bounds writes and invalid WASM value creation.

While these were the highest priority, the latest Firefox update also took care of one low-severity and five medium-severity issues.

Firefox users are unlikely to be affected by the update which will typically install itself after system restarts. However, those keen to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible can implement the update manually.

Continuous updates are necessary for today’s climate to mitigate the risk of malware, bugs, or nefarious behaviors. Cybercriminals are constantly perfecting sophisticated ways to access consumer information. This can lead to hacking, account takeovers, and identity theft. 

Ensuring the software you use can help to protect you against such attacks, with criminals more likely to target those with weaker defenses. The Firefox 124 update is not a massive update, but it contains essential protection that will help users enjoy online safety.