All You Need To Know About Filmlicious: 15 Legal Alternatives To Filmlicious in 2022

All You Need To Know About Filmlicious

Binge-watching movies is a great way to escape reality. Over the years, the rate of movie lovers has increased rapidly. Unlike the olden days, one does not have to leave the home and visit theaters to watch his or her favorite film. Infinite numbers of movies are available online right at people’s hands and from the comfort of their homes. As several films released per year and the number of web series being produced every year are always on the rise, movie lovers do not have anything to worry about regarding exploring new content. The increase in OTT platforms has also paved the way for an increase in movie watchers. But, not everyone prefers OTT platforms to stream movies. 

Online movie streaming sites are much more popular than OTT platforms, with millions of people streaming their favorite movies and web series for free. They do not have to spend a penny to stream a film or web series. The number of films available on online movie streaming sites is very high. The content is also diverse. You can find movies and web series of multiple languages and versatile genres on online movie streaming sites. However, the drawback of online movie streaming sites is their illegality. 

According to government laws and regulations, watching movies on online movie streaming sites are considered illegal. As most of these sites contain newly released movies in pirated versions, these sites are not only against the government’s policy but also discourage the art of filmmaking. You can always watch new films through OTT platforms or theaters. You can also watch them on television channels when they are being streamed. 

What is Filmlicious? 


Filmlicious is an illegal online movie streaming site that is very popular among movie lovers. The highlight of this movie streaming site is, it has over 10,000 movies and web series in various languages and genres. The site says it will allow the viewers to stream movies and web series without any ads as an interruption. You do not have to pay or login to watch any movie on the site. Viewers can just instantly go to the site and stream their favorite movies and series for free. 

Here are the features of the Filmlicious site 

One of the efficient features that an illegal online movie streaming site should have is an easy user interface or UI. If the website is difficult for people to access, there are slim chances for it to be popular. 

  1. Filmlicious comes with an easy user interface and content. 
  2. It provides a wide variety of content in numerous languages including English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Korean, etc. 
  3. HD movies and web series are available on this website. You can stream movies in HD, 720p, and 480p HD on the website. You can also download films and web series in the above resolutions. Filmlicious not only allows you to stream movies in HD, but it also lets you download your favorite movies and series through the site for free. 
  4. Filmlicious works both on Android and laptop devices. However, it will require VPN software or app to be opened in some countries. 
  5. Filmlicious website works fast and plays movies without any page crash or buffer. 
  6. Some of the links available to access Filmlicious include Filmlicious la, Filmlicious net,, and Filmlicious ac. 
  7. Filmlicious website is also available as an application. This is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. Movie lovers just install it on the phone and watch movies for free anywhere they go.

Categories of content available in Filmlicious site

The website avails movies in categories including comedy, romance, action, science, fiction, war, horror, drama, thriller, etc. You can also find a lot of web series in various genres on the website. 

People watch their favorite Hollywood films in Filmlicious. And, not just Hollywood, Filmlicious has Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and Tollywood films in it. Foreign language films including Korean films are also available on Filmlicious sites. Some of the popular movies like Gone Girl, Inception, Joker, Lion King, Forrest Gump, etc. are found in Filmlicious. You can watch movies in HD quality on the Filmlicious website.

The site contains movies in many languages including, 

  • Hollywood movies 
  • Bollywood movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Malayalam movies 
  • Telugu movies 
  • TV series 
  • Other language movies 

Steps to stream films and series in Filmlicious

All the illegal movie streaming sites that are available online almost have similar steps or procedures to open. You just have to follow the below steps to start streaming movies on Filmlicious. VPN plays an important role in playing movies from illegal websites. Most movie lovers have VPN software or application on their devices to stream movies illegally. 

The video content that is not available in your country may appear once you install the VPN software or app. You should select the country from the VPN app to start streaming movies that are not available in your country.

  1. Before starting to stream movies and series on the Filmlicious site, you first have to choose the right domain in which Filmlicious is available. As it is an illegal site, it will change its domain very often. 
  2. Once you get access to the right website, you can start streaming movies. 
  3. If the website is not available in your country, you might have to use VPN software or a VPN application to open this site. 
  4. In the VPN app, you should select the country in which Filmlicious is available to watch videos. 
  5. Once the VPN is installed, you can search for Filmlicious domain from your phone or computer device. 
  6. After you open the website, you will see several movies and series on the website’s homepage itself. From them, you can select the movies or series that you want to watch. All the content will be available in HD or SD quality. You can select the quality in which you want to watch movies. Once you do it, the movie will open and start streaming.

14 Best legal alternatives to Filmlicious site

If you are unaware of some of the best legal and safe online movie streaming sites, we are here to help you. Below is the list of some of the best legal movie streaming sites available. You can watch your favorite movies and web series through these sites to avoid encouraging piracy and illegal movie streaming. 

1. Viewster 

Viewster contains thousands of TV series and movies. It is one of the popular movie streaming sites. You can also watch documentaries through this site. Viewster has many original web series and short films in it. It has contents of various genres including anime. 

2. Popcornflix 

Popcornflix can be accessed using gaming consoles, streaming devices, and also laptop devices through browsers. This website has content that is most of the original production. There are various web series too on Popcornflix. The site has added many Hollywood films to it recently. You can binge-watch them on Popcornflix. 

3. MX Player

MX Player is a streaming site available both as a website and application. The site offers video content in various languages, including English, Tamil, Telugu, etc. It comes with mixed content of movies and series of numerous genres. It is also available for free. 

4. Top documentary films 

Just like the name says, ‘Top documentary films’ contains varieties of documentary films. One drawback of this site is, it is not available as an application. You cannot download it on your phone as an app. You need to have a web browser to access this site. It has documentaries that are available in various genres, including science, technology, Sports, Religion, Society, etc. If you are someone who loves to watch documentaries of various genres, you should surely check this site. 

5. Classic Movies 

If you are a lover of classic films, you should visit ‘Classic Movies’. This site is not a huge site with infinite content. It is a small video site with a hand-picked collection of classic movies. You can just click on the film that you want to watch on this site. It will not require you to create an account to watch movies. It has movies that belong to the 1950s or 60s. You can also find old TV series on this website. 

6. YouTube 

YouTube needs no introduction or description. It is one of the popular video streaming sites globally. You can find a lot of movies, series, videos, documentaries, etc on YouTube. You can also subscribe to premium on YouTube to watch exclusive movies and series in various languages. 

7. Classic Cinema Online 

Classic Cinema Online will not ask you to sign in or register. You can instantly start streaming movies. You will find it mostly contains movies of the 1940s, 1960s, and 1970s period. It is a place to watch some amazing Classic Cinema. 

8. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video requires a subscription to start watching movies. It has a content of various genres and languages. It is one of the popular OTT platforms in the OTT market. You can find video content in languages including English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Korean, Kannada, Malayalam, etc.

9. Netflix

Netflix is a perfect place for movie lovers who love to watch just anything. It has a collection of movies and a series of infinite varieties. You need to subscribe to start watching video content on Netflix. You might get a free trial for one month, once you subscribe to a plan on Netflix. Netflix also has originally produced web series and movies. 

10. Zee5

If you are a Bollywood movie buff, you can stream Hindi related video content on Zee5. Zee5 has numerous Bollywood films and web series. Apart from Hindi movies, Zee5 provides video content in 12 languages. You can get access to more than 90 live television channels through the Zee5 platform. It is an all in all video streaming site with channels, movies, and TV shows. 

11. Sony Live

For those who are more into watching Bollywood movies and keep looking for a varied collection of Bollywood movies, this platform is going to be the best one. It features some very popular movies with the most recent updates. Not just movies, but you can also find many TV shows and web series on this platform. Mostly, you are going to find all content that is featured originally on the Sony channel. You can get a subscription for streaming additional content. The subscription charge is undoubtedly a bit on the higher side but it is always recommended to choose the yearly plan over the monthly plan. 

12. Big Flix

While talking about the most underrated platforms used for streaming video, big flix has to be counted in. Dissimilar to the other sites, this has a unique range of TV shows and movies with very high versatility and excellent quality. This site is the best platform to binge-watch movies, old or new. You can scroll across the entire content of this website. It can be availed in both mobile application and desktop versions and you can use it at your convenience. It provides the users free accessibility to all the content without charging any amount. You can just search for your desired content and start watching directly as it doesn’t ask you to create an account or get registered. 

13. Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch is another well-known website owned by Sony. It is a reliable platform that can be taken into consideration while looking for alternatives to Filmilicious. It comprises a wide range of famous movies and TV series that can be streamed and downloaded from this platform. There is just one drawback to this platform that is very little trending content. It has a library that is restricted to shows and movies but the quality of movies is excellent and that is what makes it preferred over the other platforms. It is very easy to operate this platform in both mobile and desktop versions. 

14. MadrasRockers

This is an illegal website that works on the Torrent platform. Users will be able to download all the torrent files with help of this website. The main focus of the website is to serve south Indian content. The website does not have any kind of streaming option available so users will be required to download the game if they are looking to enjoy any movie or TV shows. This website specifically will help people looking to download any Tamil, Telugu, or Malayalam TV shows or movies. Madras rockers are known for having a huge user base and generating a lot of website traffic.

15. KatmoviesHD

KatmoviesHD is a website that lets users download or stream all the latest movies, TV shows, and music videos in high definition for free of charge. It is not quite popular yet and this is why users will face no issues with heavy traffic on this website. The website is safe to use and the only way they generate revenue is through advertisements they show on their website. The website is known for having a huge collection of the latest movies and TV shows available for users to download. The website also has a huge download speed available so that users can download anything they want without any hiccup.


1. Is it illegal to stream movies and series in Filmlicious?

Yes, it is illegal and against the government’s policy and regulations to stream content through Filmlicious, as it contains pirated versions of movies and series. 

2. What are the top two movie streaming sites available online?

Netflix and YouTube are top movie streaming sites available online. They are very popular and used by millions. YouTube avails many free videos, apart from exclusive subscription content. Amazon Prime and Zee5 are also very popular.

3. Are the legal alternatives safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. The legal alternatives mentioned above are completely safe to use. Many of them are also available as mobile apps.

4. Do the legal alternatives require VPN to function?

No, most of the legal alternatives will not require VPN to function. You have to pay and subscribe to watch content. However, some content will not be available in your country. 

5. Why are illegal online movie streaming sites so famous?

Illegal online movie streaming sites are famous because they offer infinite numbers of videos, films, and series for free cost. They are also available both in web browsers and applications form, for people to watch it conveniently. 


We do not intend to promote Filmlicious or any other illegal online movie streaming website. We comply with the Government’s terms and regulations regarding the illegal streaming of movies online. It is recommended for users to avoid privacy and watching pirated versions of movies online. Prefer OTT platforms or legal movie watching sites to respect the government’s policy and regulations. Also, you can support legal movie streaming to encourage the filmmakers and their sheer hard work in creating films. Those who have a genuine love for films and filmmaking should remember that it is a disrespectful act to watch pirated versions of newly released movies. The legal alternatives mentioned above are safe to stream movies and series. Some are free, while some require payment for a subscription. Prefer to watch movies and series through legal video streaming sites to enjoy the complete movie-watching experience.