Features That Make Discord The Best Social Media Platform

Features That Make Discord The Best Social Media Platform

The world of Social Media is constantly changing; the new kid on the block seems to be taking over everyone else very quickly. With all this social noise and umpteen applications and platforms to choose from, Discord has emerged to be one of the most useful and widely accepted platforms out there. Discord has become one of the go-to social media platforms for gamers, internet users, and people who like to chat online. It’s not just a simple messaging app; it also provides voice chats, screen sharing features, and other services that make it easier for users to communicate. This makes Discord the best social media platform you can ever use! 

Features That Make Discord The Best Social Media Platform

1. Group Chats

You might already be using this feature on Facebook. This allows you to split your group into sections where you can chat with entire groups. Discord also has this feature, but it’s way better since you can break them into vertical channels. Everyone posts in the same vertical channel, making it easier to organize information.

2. Voice Chats

This is one of the highlight features of Discord. You can join several servers or create your own server and invite people to join using voice chats where they have an option between push-to-talk mode or Open Mic mode, which allows you to communicate through voice while typing simultaneously. If you are just a gamer who wants to talk online with friends while playing different games, there are servers made especially for that purpose that you should definitely check out later in the article!

3. Push Notifications

Push Notifications

It allows its users to be updated with the latest activities and changes that happen in different servers. That means if a friend adds you to a server or if someone mentions you in a server, then you will be notified immediately, unlike Twitter, where it makes you search for things manually.

4 . Better Privacy Protection

You have complete control over your privacy. You can choose who to share your posts with and who to keep them private.

5. User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

The platform is very easy to use and navigate. It has a slick design that makes it user-friendly without making it too complex by adding unnecessary features.

6. Continued Development

Discord is constantly being updated with new features, activities, and fixes, so it does not stagnate and get old as other platforms do over time.

7. It’s Free

Yes, you read right, you don’t have to pay anything even though the service they provide can be considered premium!

8. Discord Bots

Discord Bots

Bots are one of the coolest features that discord has. A discord bot is an automated program that can perform specific tasks according to its function. They can be assigned to roles by server admins in accordance with what they do in the Discord servers they are in. Also, anyone who is an admin of a server or their member is automatically permitted to make bots in their own servers without permission from the owner/creator of the bot. Discord bots bring entertainment and fun into users’ lives; it’s like almost talking to another real person! It also makes communication easier within groups of people or just having fun. The best part about the bot experience is that if someone tells you something through DMs (Discord Messages), then you can always check on the history and not miss a DM you got.

9. Better Community

And because of these reasons, the community here feels more vibrant and flourishing than on any other social media site/platform

10. Ad-free

Unlike other social media platforms, Discord does not follow a “pay for premium” model; thus, making it ad-free! This way, you don’t have to worry about any ads popping up while using their services like voice chats or video calls.

11. Screen Sharing

With this feature, you can easily show your screen or share videos during voice chats without opening another app. By just pressing a button and choosing the option of screen sharing on Discord, all parties involved will be able to see your screen and vice versa. You can also do group screen shares which are even more fun than individual ones.

12. Self-Moderation

With Discord, you can moderate your server the way you want to be moderated. Using this app’s self-moderation feature, one can ban toxic users or people who are not allowed to join their servers without going through a long process of writing out rules or guidelines for everyone, which is very difficult for community managers and server owners. Thus, All it takes is just dragging the user’s profile photo on top of each other with their usernames highlighted in different colors.

13. Easy Accessibility

Easy Accessibility

Discord has the most accessible interface among all live chat services that provide voice chats, thus making it very easy for users to use and between various functions like text chats and voice chats.

If one wishes to join a server, all it takes is just click on the server name, and you’re in! There’s no annoying and lengthy log-in process like others; the user gets direct access without going through any complex sign-up procedures or unnecessary formalities. This also makes it easier for people to use even if they are new.

14. Private Channels

This is one of the best features that Discord offers; it allows users to communicate more effectively through private channels created for specific purposes such as announcements, suggestions, or just fun discussions with friends. A channel could also be created just for gaming purposes, and then everyone who joins can participate in playing games using text messaging on their very own PC screens. Different types of channels serve different functions arranged in color-coded tabs, which makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for at any given time. No matter how many people join the server, there’s no way that anyone would miss out on any message sent because all messages will be delivered directly into your account wherever you are and on whichever device you’re using. The availability of plug-ins for it further improves the whole experience of Discord; Discord has plug-ins for anti-spam, music, bots that add features such as polls or quizzes to your server, and countless others that can be found on their website [discordapp.com].

In the next few years, Discord will undoubtedly emerge as the future of social interactions and global networking! Make sure you don’t arrive too late on this platform, and regret it later.