Errol Musk Net Worth – How Much Is Elon Musk’s, Father Worth?

Errol Musk Net Worth

Who doesn’t know Elon Musk, right? The founder and CEO of Tesla, the CEO of Twitter, is one of the richest people on this planet. While Elon Musk doesn’t await anyone’s introduction, the question is, “Did you know anything about his father?”

Errol Musk is Elon’s father and while the Tesla CEO’s life has been up for public scrutiny for quite some time now, it isn’t surprising that people are often inquisitive to know more about his father too.

Current estimates reveal that Errol Musk has a net worth of $2 million. We will explore more on that, his early life, and his career in this article.

Early Life

Errol Musk was born in 1946 in Pretoria, South Africa. Although there isn’t much information about Errol’s early life, it is safe to say that he was a talented and studious boy. He completes his education in electromechanical engineering.

Despite being an engineer, Errol had an affinity towards businesses and entrepreneurship. Being born into a family that believed in getting things done, Errol wanted to do a lot more than just be an engineer.

You might be surprised to know that he put his engineering degree to great use while he also became a pilot and sailor eventually. However, he later ventured into real estate as well, where he did consult and sold properties and earned steady commissions.

Personal Life

Errol Musk married his first wife Maye Haldeman. The two were high-school sweethearts. They welcomed their two boys, Elon and Kimbal, and later welcomed their daughter, Tosca. 

Despite being parents to three beautiful children, the couple didn’t have a good relationship and ended up getting divorced in 1979. Following the divorce, Errol went on to have several relationships and even fathered a baby with his stepdaughter. All of this put a lot of scandal surrounding his name.


If the above paragraphs are anything to go by, we can pretty much confirm that Errol Musk was an overachiever. Despite having a lot of ambition, Errol’s majority of income came from his real estate ventures.

Soon after, he bought a few mines and even had a share in a multi-million-dollar emerald mine. With the kind of success that he acquired in a short period, Errol got to have an early retirement and started traveling the world.

Despite witnessing such great success in his career, Errol’s personal life in the background was in shambles. His marriage to his first wife, Maya was on the brink of destruction and he went on to engage in several relationships following the divorce. He even went on to have a child with one of his step-daughters.

All of this chaos led to him getting distanced from his children. Despite the separation and distance, Errol invested in his two sons’ venture, Zip2,

Net Worth

As of 2023, Errol Musk has an estimated net worth of 2023. There isn’t much information as to what he is up to at present. He tried to reconnect with his children and live in Malibu but things took a turn for the worse, following which he returned to South Africa, which is where he lives now.