Emerging Trends in Online Casinos: What to Expect in the Future

Emerging Trends in Online Casinos: What to Expect in the Future

Online casinos have already come a long way in their history. From being a side panel game on instant messaging services to becoming fully portable on a wide variety of mobile devices. But what does the future hold for the best online casino sites?

More and more cryptocurrency awaits online casinos

Money isn’t simply coins and pieces of paper anymore. The plastic card has been around for a long time now but cryptocurrencies supersede that with just an online existence. Cryptocurrencies are favoured by many online gamblers as they offer a lot of anonymity for their users, meaning that they don’t have to share their gambling activity with prying eyes.

Some offshore online casinos deal exclusively in cryptocurrency to mask their activity. Many online casino users are fine with this and appreciate the additional privacy measures. As a result, we are now seeing a definite trend where the best online casino sites are scrambling to offer crypto services to attract those users.

With people becoming more sceptical about national financial institutions and banks, crypto is becoming more and more popular with the average person wishing to store their money. In turn, more gamblers will want to use the currency form when using online casinos.

Online casinos tend to offer exceptionally high sign-up bonuses to customers to attract new customers. This trend is set to continue with exuberant offers like 200% deposit matching for new customer sign-ups.

VR online casino experiences

One of the biggest sectors for emerging technology belongs to Virtual reality experiences. Meta (the company that operates Facebook and Instagram) is pioneering the VR revolution with its own bespoke hardware and software packages. However, more companies are entering the tech space.

Online casinos will no doubt follow this trend in technology. In fact, there are already two known poker VR software games, PokerStars VR and Vegas Infinite are two of the early adopters to this trend in the poker world. These games essentially allow poker players to have an in-person casino experience while staying in the comfort of their own homes.  Other games will surely follow and make more casino game experiences available for users to play virtually.

Betting on a…smaller screen?

Think about your devices. There’s a good chance that you have a smartwatch. The market leader is the Apple watch, however there are plenty of brands available. The best models have a wealth of apps available for them. Some online casinos are now making apps for these smartwatches meaning that users can gamble at almost any opportunity on a much smaller screen. Whether they are on a run, at the gym or sitting on the lavatory, this functionality lends itself to more and more gambling opportunities.

Preference for live dealers

While the novelty of having a computer deal out the cards and host a casino game is nice, a lot of contemporary online casino users now have a distinct preference for live dealer games. This is widely seen to be because online casino users want a rich experience which is like going to a physical casino while still at their home. A live dealer offers that extra layer of authenticity to the gambling session.

Demands for safer gambling

The online gambling industry in the United Kingdom is being rocked by the cost of living crisis. People from all walks of life all have less money than they previously did as the cost of seemingly everything is up. As such, people want to gamble less when playing on their online casinos. In turn, the market is demanding more responsible gambling tools to stick to a budget. The industry has reacted by leading with safety measures that their platforms offer on their advertising.

More mobile availability

One of the biggest technology trends throughout the world as a whole is that mobile device ownership is up and other device ownership like laptops/desktop computers is down. As such, online casinos need to ensure that their mobile offerings are just as good as the browser site, if not better, as more people are using mobile devices.

One-stop shop for all gambling activity

Online gamblers might have a favorite discipline, i.e. roulette, sportsbook bets or poker. However, most want to dabble in all of the markets on occasion. More and more operators are turning their hand to offer all potential markets for their customers. This is because online gambling customers tend to have loyalty to a brand they trust and only want to do business with one or two gambling companies.


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