Know Eddie Hall’s Net Worth, Early Life, And Much More 

Eddie Hall’s Net Worth

The Beast,” or Eddie Stephen Hall, was born in Newcastle on January 15, 1988, and previously held the title of “World’s Strongest Man.” Back in his adolescence, he participated in rugby and competitive swimming. 

Sporting success was without a doubt in Eddie’s future, but when he fell into depression, everything changed. Read this post till the end as it will take you through various details of the life of The Beast:

Early life 

Eddie’s life was changed and given purpose by the new dream he had. His brother and gym membership helped him start bodybuilding lessons while he worked as a mechanic at the Robert Wiseman Dairies facility in Market Drayton, Staffordshire.

He lost his spot on the swimming team and lost his schooling. He could only carry on his education at home. When Eddie Hall was 16 years old, he became interested in bodybuilding after being motivated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was the main turning point of his life.

Personal life 

Initially, he had aspirations of winning the Mr. DOT Olympia competition but due to his height and physique, it was not possible. He decided to focus on strength training instead of competing in other sports like bodybuilding or strength exercises. For young Eddie Hall, it required going beyond his comfort zone and maintaining a laser-like mental focus to achieve the results he needed. If not, he would have given up.

Eddie also happens to be an actor who has featured in two films along with several appearances in TV shows like the celebs in Solitary. He also became a celebrity from that time and he is largely interested in social media with a huge fan following.


At the age of 20, Hall turned into a professional contender as a strongman and he started getting into every event without any second thought. He used to participate in several events throughout the year. 

Exciting sponsorship deals, good cash prizes, and the power of being on top amongst other competitors is the main motivating factor in his life. In the year 2010, there was another contender named Dave Meer Staffordshire who was unable to be a part of the England championships because he was injured. Not willing to forfeit, he wanted Hall to get into his place and Hall was really happy about this. He decided not to let the opportunity go away and went ahead to be the winner as the strongest man in England in his first attempt.

The next year, Eddie Hall claimed to win another title of the strongest man in Belfast, apart from being the on-record youngest strongman.

Net Worth

As per sources, it is known that the net worth of Eddie Hall stands at £3.6 million and his earnings are approximately $100,000 every year. He shifted from the record holder for the position of strongman to a growing professional boxer and the profession improved his net worth to a great extent.


1. How did Eddie Hall accumulate his wealth?

Eddie Hall earned his wealth through various avenues, including his career as a professional strongman, endorsements, public appearances, and potential business ventures.

2. What are Eddie Hall’s sources of income?

Eddie Hall’s income sources may include earnings from competitions, sponsorship deals, brand endorsements, public appearances, and potential business ventures.

3. Has Eddie Hall retired from professional strongman competitions?

Eddie Hall had retired from professional strongman competitions after winning the World’s Strongest Man in 2017. However, he is still involved in the fitness industry through other avenues.

4. Is Eddie Hall involved in any TV or film projects?

Eddie Hall has been involved in television and film projects, including documentaries and appearances related to his strongman career.