Does Hobby Lobby Sell Halloween Stuff? Unveiling the Truth

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Halloween Stuff? Unveiling the Truth

With the holiday season at its peak and with Halloween and Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, people are consistently looking for good items to decorate their houses with. Besides looking for variety, individuals also aim for affordable items and Hobby Lobby seems to be a great option in that case.

However, over the years, people have been quite curious as to why Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry Halloween items. While the store carries different kinds of decorations for different occasions, people are often curious why Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry Halloween items.

If you have similar questions in your mind, we have all the details lined up for you in this comprehensive guide.

Is it Because Halloween Doesn’t Match with Hobby Lobby’s Religious Beliefs?

Many people believe that the reason why Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry Halloween items is because they are a Christian store.

However, that’s not truly the case. According to reports, Halloween is connected with themes of death and demonic elements, many people believe that is probably the reason why the store doesn’t carry Halloween items.

But, keep in mind that not every Hobby Lobby is subject to the issue. Some of the stores carry Halloween items. Also, you can find Halloween items here and there in your local Hobby Lobby. The only thing you have to do is look for it.

Has Hobby Lobby Addressed the Issues Formally?

While some of the regular customers have found out that Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry Halloween items, the company hasn’t addressed the situation formally.

They have not outright said anything about the issue out in the open. That said, we’d recommend you check out their official website and the About Us section. There they mention how they are committed to honoring the Lord and have depicted their faith in Christianity through the website.

The founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green has been subject to a lot of criticism and controversies in the past and they have also been called out for this issue.

Can you find Halloween items at Hobby Lobby?

Unlike other craft and departmental stores where you get a dedicated section for Halloween items, you can’t find the same at Hobby Lobby.

That said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find anything Halloween-related at the store. If you look around, chances are that you will come across something or the other that you can decorate the house with.

Also, some of the Hobby Lobby stores contain Halloween items on their shelves for a few days, so we’d recommend you keep an eye out for that as well. It all fizzles down to what you think would be an ideal option for you and how you want to decorate your home on Halloween.


Hobby Lobby doesn’t officially carry Halloween items but you can scour the store to look for a few options that catch your eye. Our recommendation would be to take a peek into the craft area and see if you can DIY the decorations yourself. The possibilities are endless.


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