Do High Noons Have An Expiry Date?

Do High Noons Have An Expiry Date?

High Noon Sun Sips is a popular brand that sells alcoholic drinks in cans. These drinks are tasty and come in a wide variety of flavors like grapefruit, lemonade, and cranberry.

High Noon drinks are primarily made with vodka or wine and have a refreshing effect. If you are looking for drinks to bring for outdoor parties or fun, High Noon Sun Sips would be a great choice. 

However, there’s an important question left to be answered. “Do High Noon Sun Sips expire?” Let’s find that out in the below post.

What Is High Noon Sun Sips?

High Noon Sun Sips are like magic in a can! These drinks have vodka or wine with natural fruit flavors like cranberry, lemonade, and grapefruit.

These are hard seltzers that are made to be super refreshing. Since these drinks are available in cans, it becomes easier to carry them. Whenever you are on the move or out having fun, you can get these handy cans for a refreshing feel.

How To Know If High Noon Sun Sips Have Expired?

Hard seltzer drinks like High Noon Sun Sips not only taste great, but they also offer a refreshing feel. 

Imagine you have bought a full carton of High Noon Sun Sips, and couldn’t finish a few of them. Now you are bothered about the drinks getting expired.

You see, High Noon Sun Sips are made using 100% natural ingredients, and therefore, they come with an expiry date. You can enjoy them safely until you pop the can open. Once it’s open, it’s a good idea to finish it within 24 hours to enjoy it at its best.

Since these are canned drinks, they can stick around for quite a few years if you keep them in the right place. However, the taste might change over time. These drinks taste the best when you consume them within a few months of getting them.

Things To Know About High Noon Sun Sips

Here are some things you should know about High Noon Sun Sips:

  • Different From Competitors

While other hard seltzers get their kick from various sources like cane sugar fermentation, malt, or spirits, High Noon does things its way. It relies on real vodka, distilled five times for that silky smoothness. This is what makes them different from other brands.

  • High Noon Sun Sips Maker

High Noon Sun Sips are made by E. & J. Gallo Winery, a giant in the world of wine and spirits. They are also the manufacturer of popular brands like Louis M. Martini, J Vineyards & Winery, and Whitehaven.

  • Fruity Deal

High Noon keeps it real, especially when it comes to flavors. They use actual fruit for each variety, sometimes mixing in some juice to strike the perfect balance. They don’t use any artificial sugar to keep the real fruity goodness intact.

Final Words

High Noon Sun Sips are good to go until you open them. Once you pop the can, it’s best to enjoy them within 24 hours. Also, these drinks can stick around for years if stored properly, except the taste might change.


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