Did Ginger Alden Attend Elvis Funeral? What’s the Truth?

Did Ginger Alden Attend Elvis Funeral? What’s the Truth?

Elvis Presley is a name that doesn’t await any introduction. He is potentially one of the biggest singers of all time and his songs are evergreen. While the star was surrounded by a lot of controversies, one thing that the public has been quite intrigued about is Elvis’ love life.

When Elvis died in 1977, it was possibly one of the saddest moments for fans globally. However, the media was still on the hunt for news and people’s eyes were on Ginger Alden, Elvis’ former fiancée.

Over the years, people have been curious to know if Ginger Alden was in attendance during Elvis’ funeral. We will break down the truth in this detailed article.

When did Elvis propose to Ginger Alden?

If you have followed Elvis’ life story, you most likely know that the singer had been associated with a fair share of women throughout his life.

Following his split from Priscilla, Elvis met Ginger Alden and the two became serious about their relationship quite quickly. It made sense that the two of them would end up getting married. There isn’t an exact timeline of their romance available but you can find a lot of information in the novel Alden wrote – Elvis and Ginger.

Reports suggest that the ring that Elvis proposed to Ginger was worth $30,000 and the two of them were planning to get married on December 25, 1977. 

Did Ginger Alden attend Elvis Presley’s funeral?

As we mentioned, when Elvis Presley died in 1977, he and Ginger were engaged to be married in the same year. So, it makes sense how tragic the news of his death would have been for Ginger.

Rumors have it that Ginger was quite close to the Elvis family, so it is best believed that she was in attendance during the funeral. However, there is no photographic evidence or concrete proof that can confirm this claim yet.

If you visit Elvis Presley’s official website, there is unfortunately no mention of Ginger in the list of people that attended the funeral. This is where the speculations and confusion started among all the fans.

Did Ginger Alden partake in Elvis Presley’s funeral arrangements?

There seems to be no concrete proof of Ginger’s presence during Elvis’ funeral, however, it is best believed that Ginger was one of the last people to have seen Elvis alive.

Also, rumors suggest that Ginger not only contributed a lot to Elvis’ funeral but was extremely emotional during the event. She was also one of the few people who carried the coffin to the grave. There might not have been a lot of recognition of Ginger at Elvis’ funeral but she was there.


If you were curious about Ginger Alden’s presence in Elvis’ life, we hope this article gives you all the details that you need. Ginger has expressed all her love and appreciation for Elvis in her book, so if you want a first-hand experience of what their relationship was like, we’d recommend that you give that a read.


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