Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal – (Hindi Web Series) – Breaking Down the Details

Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal – (Hindi Web Series)

Simple yet bold storylines are emerging as the new thing in India. Thanks to streaming platforms like Ullu, MX Player, etc., we are getting access to a plethora of new kinds of web series that would otherwise be considered a stigma back in the day.

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal is one such Hindi web series streaming on Rabbit Movies that has been gaining a lot of traction recently. With an intriguing plot and bold themes, this adult web series is worth a watch, especially if you are looking for a break after a tedious day.

In this article, we will explore everything that you potentially need to know about Bhabhi ka Bhaukal and the storyline it presents.

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal – Details

Language Hindi
Other names Khat Kabadi (Sister-in-law’s account)
Genre Bold, erotic, drama
Release date August 04, 2023 to August 11, 2023
Director SSK
Distributed by Rabbit movies
Season 1
Episodes 4

Plot of Bhabhi ka Bhaukal

The plot or storyline of Bhabhi ka Bhaukal is pretty much the same as a plethora of other adult and bold web series that are currently streaming in India. However, what sets this apart from the rest is how fast-paced the plot is.

With only four episodes, you can sit straight and finish the series in one sitting without feeling overwhelmed. The best thing about this web series is that the plot isn’t boring to watch, and you will thoroughly enjoy the entire thing from the start till the end.

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal follows the life of Chulbul, who happens to be in love with his sister-in-law or brother’s wife, Seema. However, as the plot ensues, a young girl named Soni finds them two together engaging in their illicit affair. 

Instead of confronting them, Soni finds herself attracted to Chulbul and ends up falling in love with him. The plot of the web series unfolds eventually to explore whether or not Soni can make Chulbul hers and if so, how she make it happen with Seema in the picture.

As cheesy as the plot sounds, we’d recommend that you give this a go. The show is quite entertaining and the dialogues are quite fun. The actors have done a pretty great job in the series too, which is a bonus.

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal – All Episodes

Episode name Release date Director
Episode 1 August 04, 2023 SSK
Episode 2 August 04, 2023 SSK
Episode 3 August 11, 2023 SSK
Episode 4 August 11, 2023 SSK

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal – Cast and Crew

Name of the actors and actresses Role
Ravindra Yadav Lead
Ruks Khandagle Lead
Aryan Desai Lead
Preeti Puni Lead
Leena Singh Lead
Sohil Shaikh Lead


Bhabhi ka Bhaukal has gained quite a lot of popularity and traction among the audience. If you have been wondering if the show is worth a watch, we’d recommend you give it a go. Ensure that there are no children in the vicinity when watching the show.


Where can I watch Bhabhi ka Bhaukal?

Bhabhi ka Bhauka is being distributed by Rabbit Movies, so you can stream the show there.

Is Bhabhi ka Bhaukal 18+?

Because the show has bold and adult themes like adultery, infidelity, sexual interactions, etc., it is considered 18+.

How many episodes are there in Bhabhi ka Bhauka?

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal has one season and four episodes, which aren’t that long so you can finish it in one sitting.

Will there be Season 2 of Bhabhi ka Bhaukal?

There is no confirmation if the show is returning with a second season or not.

Can I stream Bhabhi ka Bhaukal for free?

If you visit Rabbit Movies or even MX Player, Bhabhi ka Bhaukal is available for free streaming.


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