Detectorists Season 4 – Will There Be a New Season?

Detectorists Season 4

Comedy drama series are a hit or miss among most viewers. But, if you are sitting there looking for some good stomach-tickling humor, Detectorists is one you will want to sit down and watch. The show has gained a lot of traction with the first three seasons, so it makes sense that the fans are curious to know about Season 4.

If you are ready to unravel more of the heartwarming tales of metal detecting enthusiasts and their quirky adventures, we’d 100% recommend that you wait because the fourth season of the show will be even more interesting.

Following the Christmas special in 2022, we have all the details about Detectorists Season 4 and its eventual release.

When is Detectorists Season 4 Releasing?

As we said, the last that we saw of Detectorists was with their Christmas special, which was released in 2022. The little snippet was a fun watch but it packed in a lot of unexpected twists and turns despite being a comedy show.

With how good the episodes were, it isn’t surprising that the fans are now on the lookout for Season 4 and wondering when it will be released.

Has the show been renewed for a fourth season? The answer is no. But, speculations do depict a possible release of the new season in 2024. We’d have to wait to see if the predictions are correct or a complete waste of time.

The show’s creator and star, Mackenzie Crook, has previously expressed his reluctance to return for another season, citing concerns about maintaining the show’s quality and not wanting to overstay its welcome, so that is another factor worth keeping in mind.

What can we expect from Detectorists Season 4?

If Detectorists does return for a fourth season, it’s likely to delve deeper into the lives of its endearing characters, exploring their relationships, professional struggles, and of course, their unwavering passion for metal detecting. 

We can expect to see more of Andy and Lance’s banter, more quirky encounters with fellow detectorists and local eccentrics, and perhaps even a breakthrough in their quest for treasure.

There could be new characters introduced in the show as well, which would be fun to watch. At this point, things could go multiple ways but we don’t know for sure which route the writers are choosing to go.

Who is returning to Detectorists Season 4?

If Detectorists Season 4 is renewed and released, we can expect the main cast to return to the show. This would include:

  • Andy (Mackenzie Crook)

Mackenzie Crook

  • Lance (Toby Jones)

Toby Jones

  • Terry (Paul Whitehouse)

Paul Whitehouse

  • Sophie (Rachel Stirling)

Rachel Stirling

  • Becky (Lucy Benjamin)

Lucy Benjamin

Any new additions to the cast won’t be unveiled until the trailer is released and we get a first-hand experience of the show’s progress.


While the future of Detectorists remains uncertain, the show’s enduring popularity and the creators’ passion for storytelling suggest that a fourth season could be a possibility. If it does return, we can expect to see more heartwarming stories, quirky characters, and the joy of metal detecting taking center stage.


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