Darby And Joan Season 2 – When Is It Happening?

Darby And Joan Season 2

With so many good web series available online, finding one in the thriller and mystery genre can be a pain if you don’t have the right recommendations. One Australia series that has gained people’s attention recently is Darby and Joan.

Premiered on Acorn TV, the show gained a lot of critical acclaim from the first season and now the audiences are excited to learn more about the show. There are no reports about a potential renewal yet but we have some news to unfold.

If you are waiting for Darby and Joan Season 2 and its release date and an expected plot, we have all the details in this article.

When is Darby and Joan Season 2 Releasing?

Acorn TV is where the first season of the show premiered. If you have been wondering about Season 2, there is no news yet. We don’t have any formal renewal yet, which is quite disappointing, especially with how well-received the first season was.

The first season premiered in August 2022, so if the renewal happens sometime soon, there are chances that it will most likely return in 2024. However, we can’t say anything for sure yet. 

What we’d recommend you do in the meantime is catch up on the episodes from the first season to stay updated and familiarize yourself with the characters. Following that, you can keep an eye out for official announcements from Acorn TV as well.

What can we expect from Darby and Joan Season 2?

Season 2 promises to build upon the foundation laid in the first season. We can expect to see further development in the dynamic relationship between retired detective Jack Darby and recently widowed Joan Kirkhope as they continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding her husband’s death. 

Their contrasting personalities and approaches to problem-solving are sure to provide both humor and suspense. The series’ unique setting in the Australian outback is likely to remain a key element, offering a visually stunning backdrop and opportunities for further exploration of the country’s rich culture and diverse landscapes. 

The show’s creators have hinted at potentially venturing beyond the Gold Coast and into other regions, adding another layer of intrigue to the upcoming season. In short, it will take the audience through a rollercoaster ride and you have to be ready for the unexpected with the new season.

Who is returning to Darby and Joan Season 2?

The official cast for Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, if the show is renewed, we can expect the OG cast to return. This would include:

  • Bryan Brown as Jack Darby
  • Greta Scacchi as Joan Kirkhope
  • Caroline Gillmer as Denise

Besides the protagonists, we can also hope to see the return of pretty much all the main supporting characters on the show.


Darby and Joan Season 2 will most likely captivate the attention of the audience with its unique storyline and stunning visuals. If you have been looking forward to more updates about the series and its return, we suggest that you remain patient until an official announcement is made.


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