Condor Season 3 – Has The Show Been Cancelled?

Condor Season 3

If you have read the novel Six Days of the Condor by James Grady and watched the 1975 film adaptation of the novel as well, chances are that you are well excited about Condor, the series.

The series premiered on Audience Network in 2018 and while the show was immediately renewed for Season 2, the release didn’t happen until the end of 2020 due to the prevailing pandemic. That said, ever since the end of the second season, the audience seems to be looking for more information about the third season.

If you are curious to know when Condor Season 3 is happening, we have all the relevant information sorted out for you in this article.

When is Condor Season 3 Releasing?

The second season of Condor was released on Epix and since then, the network has not revealed any further information regarding the show’s renewal status for the third season, which is quite disappointing.

But, before you go ahead and think that the show’s return is most likely not happening, let us share a few inside details that we have managed to acquire. Firstly, Michael Wright, who is an executive at Epix confirmed that they are considering a possibility of a third season sometime in the future.

This has left the fans hopeful about the release of Condor Season 3. But, even with this, we can’t say for sure if it will be released sometime soon.

Speculations suggest that the third season could be released in 2024, either by the beginning of the year or by the middle of 2024. But, this is just a guess at this point, so we’d have to wait things out.

What can we expect from Condor Season 3?

The third season of Condor is expected to pick up where the second season left off, with Joe Turner now working as a CIA case officer in Africa. However, he soon finds himself embroiled in a new conspiracy, this time involving a proxy war between the United States and China. 

The new season is also expected to explore the moral dilemmas that Joe faces as he works for the CIA. In the previous two seasons, Joe has been forced to cross lines that he never thought he would cross to survive and protect his loved ones. He will likely face even more difficult choices in the third season.

Who is returning to Condor Season 3?

If the show is renewed for a third season, the main cast is set to return, including:

  • Leem Lubany

Leem Lubany

  • Bob Balaban

Bob Balaban

  • Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino

  • Brendan Fraser 

Brendan Fraser 

  • Max Irons, etc.

Max Irons

Whether or not they introduce a new cast to the show would be quite interesting to watch. So, we’d recommend you stay tuned for further updates.


If you have been awaiting the release of Condor Season 3, it looks like the wait is going to be a little bit longer. There are a lot of speculations regarding a potential release in the future but we don’t have official release dates or any confirmation as to when its happening.


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