The Circle Season 6 – Is the Show Returning on Netflix?

The Circle Season 6

We are all familiar with the concept of social media and the kind of hype it has generated in our lives. But, have you ever stopped to think about how this could be turned into a reality series? Well, The Circle lives up to those expectations quite well.

Inspired by a British show of the same name, this Netflix show involves contestants who are isolated in individual apartments and their only way of communication is a social media app called The Circle. You aim to be the most popular player in the lot and not get blocked by other users.

After five successful seasons, the viewers are excited to see if The Circle is returning with a sixth season. More on that is discussed in this article.

When is The Circle Season 6 Releasing?

There is good news and bad news. The Circle has been renewed for a sixth season by Netflix, which means that it’s confirmed that the show is returning on Netflix.

But, there is no confirmation regarding the official release date yet. We don’t have any idea as to when the sixth season will come out, which has left us in a pickle. Some rumors do indicate the possibility of a fall 2023 release but the possibilities aren’t that bright.

If we had to believe the rumors, we could expect that the show will either release their trailer for Season 6 between August and December 2023 or we could end up having to wait a few extra months.

The news regarding the show’s renewal came in January 2023, so it has been quite a few months since then. Until then, what you can do is go ahead and binge-watch the first five seasons that are streaming on Netflix.

What can we expect from The Circle Season 6?

Season 6 of The Circle will be just as exciting and fun as the previous few seasons. The objective would be the same – Sustain yourself and be the most popular one in the lot. 

Since The Circle is more of a reality series, there is no standard plotline to go by. Everything will happen naturally on the show as we skim through each episode, so it is going to be a fun time watching what happens next.

There are possibilities of the producers introducing some new twists and turns to the otherwise standard format of the show.

Who is returning to The Circle Season 6?

The cast for The Circle Season 6 has not yet been announced. However, there are some rumors that some of the most popular players from previous seasons may be returning. One player who has expressed interest in returning is Frank Grimsley, who was a runner-up in Season 1.

Frank Grimsley


If you are awaiting the release of The Circle Season 6, you are in for a ride. The show is all set to return in the next few months, so if you haven’t watched the past five seasons yet, now is the best time for that.


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