Brian Jung Net Worth 2023 – How Much Is the Credit Card Mogul Worth?

Brian Jung Net Worth

As human beings, debt is something we all try to avoid. So, naturally, when someone talks about credit cards, we end up wondering if it’s the right move to take. Brian Jung, a famous online personality, finance content creator, and investor teaches people the A-Z of credit cards.

What drove his popularity through the roof was the tricks he shared utilizing credit cards and how they translate to rewards and points. Besides investment knowledge, he also talks about cryptocurrency investments.

This article will venture into exploring more about Brian Jung, his early life, career, net worth, and a glimpse into his personal life as well.

Early Life

Brian Jung was born on December 28, 1997. He was born in Maryland, United States but there isn’t much public information available about his family. They do appear in his videos in the passing.

While there’s no information on where Brian went to high school, it is reported that he graduated from Montgomery University. He also acquired certifications in CPR and AED from Montgomery County Police Acad.

Following the completion of his studies, Brian secured a job in the healthcare industry but wanted to venture into the business side of things and launched his first company, Motion Digital LLC, which ended up being a failure.

Personal Life

There isn’t any information available about Brian and his personal life or dating history. He likes to keep that side of his life away from the media spectacles. He does currently live in a luxurious apartment in Montgomery County.


After the downfall of his company, Brian shifted his focus to content creation and launched his YouTube channel. He started taking things seriously in 2018 and kept posting consistently, which led to him being one of the most celebrated finance content creators in the YouTube space.

While the majority of his videos talked about cryptocurrency and investment, people started taking more interest in his content when he disclosed credit card secrets on his channel. He later launched Jung Media to partake in other projects and manage them on a business level.

Besides being successful in his YouTube career and content creation journey, Brian also went on to star in his own Netflix documentary, Money Explained, which became a quick hit among the audience. 

One of the biggest quirks of Brian that made him popular was the fact that he owns 15+ credit cards. He uses the points he earns from them to fund his travel and food expenses, which left people with their minds blown.

Net Worth

With the multiple avenues of income that Brian has generated for himself, it is safe to say that he has earned a good amount of traction in his career. He has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which he earns through YouTube ad revenue, content creation journey on other social media platforms, and brand deals and endorsements. 

He also actively invests in cryptocurrency, which further catapults his income and adds to his net worth.


1. What does Brian Jung do?

Brian Jung is a renowned entrepreneur, financial advisor, and investor. He is known for sharing his knowledge about credit cards and how you can maximize your investment and rewards based on the usage of credit cards.

2. Does Brian Jung have a YouTube channel?

Brian has a successful YouTube channel where he discusses all things finances, with special emphasis on credit cards and credit scores. If you want to learn more about personal finances, we’d recommend checking his channel.

3. Is Brian Jung married?

We don’t have any insights about Brian’s marital status. He appears to be single if the public knowledge is anything to go by.