Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth – Is the YouTuber Broke?

Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth

If you are an avid YouTube enthusiast, chances are that you know who Bald and Bankrupt are and the kind of fame and popularity he has gained over the years. With 3+ million subscribers on his YouTube channel and millions of views per video, many people are often curious to know, “Is he broke?”

Run by Benjamin Rich, Bald and Bankrupt is a channel, which grew exponentially when Rich started to explore the suburbs of India and post-Soviet states. He filed for bankruptcy in the U.K. after his business failed. 

This article will explore all that you need to know about Bald and Bankrupt, his rise to fame, and the kind of popularity he has gained.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Benjamin Rich
Birth Date July 1, 1974
Age 49
Country of Origin England
Marital Status Married
Parent’s Name Unknown
Alina Adzika
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $10 million
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024

Early Life

Benjamin Rich was born on July 01, 1974, in England. There is little to no information available about the YouTuber’s childhood and he doesn’t divulge into those topics as well.

While there’s not much information about Rich’s early life, let us talk about his bankruptcy before he started his YouTube channel. When starting his career, Rich wanted to venture into the business and entrepreneurial side of things, which is why he put all his savings and his money at stake on a business in the U.K.

However, unfortunately, the business failed pretty badly, leaving Rich in a predicament. After incurring losses, he finally decided to file for bankruptcy in the U.K. It was during that time that he decided to go bald as well.

Personal Life

Benjamin Rich is currently dating Alina Adzika, a Belarusian woman. She is over 20 years younger than the YouTuber but the couple seem to be compatible and happy with each other. She appears in his videos from time to time.

Bald And Bankrupt


Following a failed business in the U.K., Rich didn’t know what to do next. Not finding much direction in his life, Rich decided to author a book, which he wrote under the pseudonym of Arthur Chichester. He reported later that the inspiration behind the book came to him whilst he was traveling through Belarus and Chernobyl.

Later, he decided to pursue a career on YouTube, which led to him launching his YouTube channel, Bald and Bankrupt. He started his channel covering vlog-style videos across different parts of India, which gained him quite a lot of following.

However, it wasn’t until his post-Soviet state exploration and vlogs traveling through Eastern Europe that he started noticing a favorable amount of traction on his channel. Meanwhile, his book, “The Burning Edge: Travelling Through Irradiated Belarus,” also started gaining a lot of traction.

What primarily drew people to his channel was his authenticity. His videos focus on the raw and authentic life of the locals, which wasn’t showcased anywhere else.

Net Worth

With the steady views that Bald and Bankrupt gain, it isn’t surprising that Benjamin has acquired a steady net worth between $10 million. The majority, if not all, of his income comes from his YouTube channel. He also earns through sponsorships and investments.


1. Why is he called “Bald and Bankrupt”?

The name “Bald and Bankrupt” is a humorous reference to Benjamin Rich’s shaved head and his minimalist, budget-travel approach. It reflects his willingness to travel on a tight budget and immerse himself in diverse and sometimes challenging environments.

2. Where has Bald and Bankrupt traveled?

Bald and Bankrupt has traveled to a wide range of countries, with a significant focus on post-Soviet states such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Balkans. He has also explored other destinations like India, Moldova, Cuba, and more.

3. How did Bald and Bankrupt become popular?

His popularity grew through word of mouth and social media. Viewers were drawn to his unique travel style, humor, and the raw, unpolished nature of his videos.