Best Roku Private Channels & How to Install Them in 2022

Roku Private Channels

Have you ever tried to find out about the best private channels of Roku? With many of its channels, Roku offers a great method to stream free and paid programs. Here we will discuss the Best Roku Private Channels and know more specifically about them. These private options may help you to explore the hidden treasures of Roku. These channels are accessible to anyone owning a Roku device, but the procedure demands a particular code for the ones you want to add. So for the same, we will share the most popular and used private channels on Roku and an overview of different channels.

Everyone loves to watch shows and their desired programs on television (TV). It is because of the bigger screen, the best source of entertainment and information about the world around us. The problem with a cable connection is that providers and users are bound with a limited number of channel sources. With the fast-moving world, there are several options for television if you want a vast range instead of a cable connection.

What Is Roku?

As many of you already know, Roku is a digital media player device that can stream a continual amount of TV shows and videos on demand. A person can easily connect the Roku stick to its supported devices and enjoy streaming the live content across the internet. It is popular among binge-watchers and presents more than 5000 channels which also covers private and hidden channels. We will be sharing a detailed list of Best Roku Private Channels and other helpful information like How to install them, where to use private channel codes, etc. Roku comes in many variants, such as Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick Plus, or Roku Ultra.

Much of this information is necessary to know if you want to use the device for smooth streaming. Roku is an affordable, easy to carry, and easily adjustable device. Its best part is you can stream many video industry giants’ content without paying extra to your cable provider. Some of them are Amazon prime videos, HBO Go, Spotify, Netflix, and many more just from your sofa.

What are private channels on Roku?

Roku Private Channels are also known as Non-Certified or Hidden channels. Technically these channels are not shown publicly in Roku’s channel store and added manually. It can be quickly done once you find a private channel and reach on its page. Click on the “Add Channel” button to add any private channel of your choice to your list.

One thing to remember; Roku won’t give support for such channels. Generally, these channels are private because they are still in beta testing mode— the channel creator, developer, requires gathering users’ feedback to improve performance and other features. Apart from that, some channels preferred to go private because they target a limited set of viewers or include adult content.

There are few reasons for shielding them from the public.

  • Some are in Beta form.
  • Few of them require membership.
  • Some are third-party programs.

How to Install Private Channels on Roku?

The most enjoyable role of Roku private channels is that they are available on all Roku devices. So a Roku user can enjoy watching desired private channels on any of its devices like Roku Ultra or Stick, etc.

For the primary installation, the user needs to visit the official Roku website and follow these instructions:

  • At first, visit through a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.
  • Log in to your registered Roku account (The same account you used in your Roku streaming device).
  • Look for the ‘Manage Account’ category, click on it.
  • You will see ‘Add Channel with Code’ click on it.
  • Now, submit a channel code and click on ‘Add Channel.’
  • It will prompt/warn about the channel being non-certified. Click ‘OK’ to remove.
  • The final step, click on ‘Yes, Add Channel’ and complete the process.
  • It would take up to 24 hours to display on your Roku. If you want to check instantly, go to settings > System > System Update > Check Now.

Best Private & Hidden Roku Channels in 2022

1. Unofficial Twitch.TV

At the time of posting, Twitch is a channel for gamers. You may find many famous gamers who are using this platform to live-stream their gameplays. It is free of cost, and the access code is TwitchTV.

2. Arirang TV and Radio

Arirang TV is the perfect hidden channel on Roku if you want to access some South Korean TV and Radio programs in English. You may find documentaries, language programs, cultural content as well.

Channel code – ArirangTV

3. Wilderness Channel

As the name describes, this channel is worth a watch for nature lovers. Its programs are related to nature fans, Alone in the Wilderness, Secrets of Stealth Camping, and many more are being streamed on this channel.

Channel code – FL821095

4. Red Bull TV

Red Bull is a well-known brand worldwide now. This channel allows us to visit the latest e-sport, high dives, motorsports, etc. All of this stuff is free for all on Roku; that means you do not need to spend a penny to watch!

Channel code – REDBULLTV

5. iTunes Podcasts

You do not need to install iTunes on your computer or sign up for an account since it is a private channel on Roku. This hidden channel is not less than a gem for podcast fans, and it free of charge.

Channel code – ITPC

6. Update My Channels

If you are not liking updating Roku channels manually, then you are going to love this hidden channel. It will automate the process and update your channels. This channel is designed to update your other Roku channels without navigating to the main screen.

Channel code – UpdateMyChannels

7. The Silent Movie Channel

An excellent alternative to other public movie channels on Roku.

Channel code – ROLLEM

8. Synctrix Beta

Apart from Roku, this on-demand music player allows you to access your audio collection on various platforms such as Android TV, Fire TV, etc. This channel will help you listen to your favorite music from your own collection through Google Drive and a few other cloud storage.

Channel code – synctrixbeta

9. MultiLive (

MultiLive is a diverse pack of European TV channels. If you like to watch content from outside USA TV channels, this private channel is a must-watch. It covers channels from France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and even Haiti.

Channel code – DNLMPK

10. StreamNowTV Beta

This private channel is suitable for indie movie fans. It is in beta mode and provides content in many genres, including comedy, kids, family, action, drama, etc.

Channel code – sntvdemo

Apart from these, here we have some more popular private channels on Roku for you:–

  • Nowhere TV (Access Code: H9DWC)
  • Redbox Digital Beta (Paid – Access Code: RBS DIGITAL)
  • Bloomberg TV+ (Channel Code: BTVPLUS)
  • Film On (Channel Access Code: NMEVA)
  • Lode Runner Remake – Classic video game (Access Code: Lode Runner Preview)
  • Crackle (Channel Code: Crackle)
  • Space-Time Free (Access Code: CN6MRTG)
  • Weather Radar (Channel Access Code: radar)
  • The Odeon Theater (Channel code: odeon)
  • What’s On? (Channel code: WhatsOnChannel)
  • The Internet Archive (Channel code: NMJS5)
  • Great Chefs (Channel Access Code: greatchefs)
  • Ace TV (Access Code: acetv)
  • Amateurlogic (Access Code: Alogic)
  • Hero Talkies (Channel Code: herotalkies)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Get Banned for Using Private Roku Channels?

No, Roku will not ban your account if you add or watch a private channel, even if the channel is serving pirated content. Your account is totally safe.
In a case where you are watching a private channel that serves pirated content, and Roku found it. That channel will be removed from your Roku and your account won’t be allowed to install any other private/hidden channel in the future.

2. Can You Hide Private Channels on Roku?

Sadly, it is not possible to hide private Roku channels currently. You can remove them if you want.
There are some ways to block specific content through parental controls, but this is not a resolution to hide private channels.

3. Are Roku Private Channels Legal?

Definitely, they are legal! Roku would not have supported them if they were illegal. Using any of the private channels on Roku won’t get you into legal trouble.
The Final Cut

Therefore, this is all of the info about the best Roku private channels. Some of those Roku private channels are audience-specific such as sci-fi, silent movies, etc. Make sure you explore all the options if you get bored from any other. Roku devices are very easy to use, just like any other streaming sticks through a remote.

Hope you will enjoy the variation of private channels we shared above. If you know of any new Roku private channels, then let us know by commenting; we will update the list.