Baking It Season 3 – What Is the Status of The Show?

Baking It Season 3

Are you good at baking and love the concept of baking in general? If yes, Baking It is likely going to be back with a third season soon and reports suggest that the applications for candidates are already open. So, if you have always dreamt of being part of the show, now is the time.

That said, if you are just a fan of watching Baking It and have been wondering when Season 3 will be released, it looks like the wait is going to be slightly more prolonged for you.

Although there aren’t a lot of insights about the eventual release of Baking It Season 3, we have managed to scour everything that we could find available.

When is Baking It Season 3 Releasing?

Do we have a confirmed date yet? The answer is no at the moment. However, before you get disappointed thinking that the show isn’t returning, that isn’t the case at all.

When you Google “Baking It Season 3”, it reverts you to the ongoing auditions for the contestants for 3rd season. So, it’s safe to assume that production is underway and that we will get access to the show sometime in the future once everything is finalized.

At this point, we can’t speculate anything for sure about the third season. However, if everything goes as planned, there are possibilities of a release either in late 2024 or in 2025, which isn’t a long time away.

What can we expect from Baking It Season 3?

First off, prepare for a bigger and better batch of challenges. Think-themed weeks that push the bakers to new heights of imagination, unexpected twists that’ll keep you guessing, and collaborations that might just result in some truly spectacular (and maybe even slightly chaotic) culinary creations. 

Buckle up for savory surprises alongside the usual sweet delights, as Baking It expands its menu beyond the bakery box. But at the heart of it all, Baking It remains a celebration of joy, camaraderie, and the power of a good bake to bring people together. 

We can expect the same heartwarming moments that made us fall in love with the show: bakers supporting each other through failed soufflés and cheering each other on to victory. And of course, Maya and Andy will be there to sprinkle in their unique brand of humor and encouragement, keeping the competition light-hearted and fun.

Who is returning to Baking It Season 3?

The cast will pretty much remain the same with Christine McConnell as the judge and the contestants who will make up the entirety of the show. It would be interesting to see who is added to the judging panel this season. Also, we can expect new mystery guests to grace the third season too.


Baking It Season 3 is set to take the franchise to an entirely new level. With so much tension and anticipation building up, it is safe to say that the new season will not disappoint at all. If you have been waiting for more news about the upcoming season, hold on tight for a bit longer.


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