Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 – Has FOX Renewed the Show?

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3

Don’t get deterred by the name Crime Scene Kitchen is hands down one of the best online baking shows that you can consider watching. The show premiered on FOX and with two successful seasons, the fans are now looking forward to a third season.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the news does depict that the third season is underway and promises the audience more mouthwatering challenges and hilarious hijinks. But, when is it released?

To answer that question and more, we have curated this article to take a further look into Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 and its fate.

When is Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 Releasing?

The second season of Crime Scene Kitchen was released in August 2023, which means that it hasn’t been long since the season wrapped up.

All that said, we also have to understand that expecting prompt news about a new season right away doesn’t make sense. So, if you are waiting for further reports about the fate of Season 3, it looks like it will take a bit more time.

Some of the speculations suggest that it could be released in 2024 or 2025. However, there seems to be no news from the official channels to confirm what’s up. We’d have to wait to see how things unfold down the line.

Until we get further news about the release of Season 3, we’d suggest that you go and binge-watch the first two seasons instead.

What can we expect from Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3?

The stakes are rising in Season 3. Expect even more intricate crime scenes, with clues hidden in every spilled flour puff and misplaced measuring cup. The bakers will have to sharpen their detective skills and culinary prowess to crack these sugary puzzles.

This season, the challenges will delve into international cuisines, from the delicate pastries of France to the spicy desserts of Mexico. Bakers will need to expand their palates and master unfamiliar techniques to impress the judges.

Just when you think you’ve figured out the recipe, Crime Scene Kitchen will throw in a curveball. Surprise ingredients, unexpected twists, and hilarious blunders are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat (or couch, with a plate of cookies, of course).

In short, there is a lot that’s left to be unveiled and explored in Season 3 and it will be interesting to see how things unfold.

Who is returning to Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3?

If you have watched the first two seasons, you know that the ever-charming Joel McHale will be back as the host of the show. Also, the formidable duo of Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone will be back to assess the bakers’ creations. We can also expect a few mystery chefs to grace the judge’s panel in the upcoming season.


Season 3 of Crime Scene Kitchen promises to be a scrumptious spectacle, packed with baking brilliance, comedic chaos, and international flavors. Although we don’t have any confirmed news about the release dates yet, it doesn’t look like the wait will be as long as we had anticipated.


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