Arifureta Season 2 Release Date Confirmed (January 2022) + Trailer

Arifureta Season 2

Following years of wait and lots of speculation, the second season of Arifureta has been officially confirmed and the show is expected to air by the winter of 2022, which is nothing short of an excitement builder for every avid viewer of the show. The confirmation came around from the official sources after they launched the trailer of the show on April 17, 2021.

While there is an audience base that lives off of the show’s popularity, there is the audience who have watched this manga series and didn’t like what it had to offer. Despite which team you are on, chances are that you are going to want to watch the second season once it airs.

Aside from the official trailer of the third season, the creators have also released two unaired episodes of the Arifureta OVA, likely from the previous season of the show. Even these two animated episodes have been developed by the same animation studio staff, offering the audience something to binge on while they wait for the new season.

For the second season, the production will be handled by Studio Mother instead of Studio Fox, as mentioned in the reports. Also, the director of the new season has been replaced with director Akira Iwanaga, who is known for their contribution to several popular anime projects.

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Who is going to cast in Arifureta Season 2?

If you have watched the first season of the show, chances are that you would know about the official voice overcast that rendered the characters. Even for the second season, the cast is likely going to remain the same and include the primary characters of:

  • Toshinari Fukamachi
  • Yuuki Kuwahara
  • Minami Takahashi
  • Youko Hikasa
  • Saori Ounishi
  • Yumiri Hanamori

Aside from this primary cast, the show will also include a range of new faces and characters in the second season, however, none of that has been confirmed yet.

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What can the audience expect from Arifureta Season 2?

Before anything, we’d recommend you watch the first season of the show to familiarize yourself with the characters and the kind of expectations you can have from them. The primary story of this show revolves around the life of Hajime Nagumo and his high school class. Things start to take a U-turn when their class is summoned to a land of fantasy to be there as heroes.

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For something that seemed pretty interesting in the beginning, Nagumo is soon taken into the depths of the monster dungeons where sacrifice is his only mode of survival. How he goes around saving himself from the wrath of this fantastical world is what the audience has to binge-watch.

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Is there a trailer for Arifureta Season 2?

All the chaos surrounding the show happened followed the release of the trailer. The trailer was released on the official Twitter account of the show. If you are looking for it, you can watch the trailer at
As for the official release date, it is going to be confirmed as we are near close to it.

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