Can Pregnant Women Consume Aguachile?

Can Pregnant Women Consume Aguachile?

The most transformative period a woman experiences is when she is pregnant. That innate feeling and profound experience of a little human growing inside is beyond magic. But pregnancy has certain restrictions, especially on food. 

The popular mouth-watering dish, Aguachile, is the most craved Mexican seafood among pregnant women. But is it safe to consume as it is prepared with the main ingredient shrimp, with a tangy lemon taste, garnished with onion, chili, and pepper?

This article contains information on the health advantages and possible drawbacks of Aguachile so that you can make an informed choice regarding this delicious food. 

What is Aguachile? 

The English translation of Aguachile is chilli-water. It is a special Mexican dish and popular among seafood lovers. The major ingredient of the dish is fresh shrimp which is cleaned and deveined properly before the preparation, especially when it is supposed to be consumed by pregnant women. 

It is typically made with extra lime juice, virgin olive oil, coriander, and extremely hot chilies like serrano, habanero, or jalapenos. Red sliced onions and freshly sliced cucumbers are then added as garnishes for the Aguachile. 

Mostly, Aguachile is eaten with salty chips, or tostadas, which are crispy tortillas or this delicious meal is served with drinks as a starter or snack on a sweltering summer day! 

Eating Aguachile During Pregnancy

Expected mothers should consume seafood with precaution because of the possibility of ingesting heavy metals and illnesses transmitted by food. 

However, it is important to make sure that the shrimp are thoroughly cooked to prevent infections caused by bacteria. Aguachile has multiple health benefits, but it is important to eat it in balance and make sure it’s made with nutritious components. 

On a serious note, the high salt level of Aguachile is a major concern. Therefore, excessive sodium consumption raises the risk of hypertension, heart disease, etc. As a result, those who have high blood pressure should avoid ingesting Aguachile or choose low-sodium substitutes. 

Is Aguachile Safe To Consume? 

The main component of Aguachile is shrimp which is high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but it is low in calories. Additional veggies like tomatoes or cucumbers can boost the amount of fiber and nutrients in the dish.

Lime juice is a crucial ingredient used to boil seafood, helping to eradicate any potential germs or parasites. The dish is usually served cold, which lowers the possibility of contracting a food-borne illness even further. It is a wonderful source of the antioxidant vitamin C, which supports strong bones, teeth, and skin. 

Another important component in this dish is cilantro, which is high in vitamin K supports healthy bones, and lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Cilantro also offers a modest quantity of Vitamins A, E, and C. In short, it’s generally accepted that eating Aguachiles while pregnant is harmless. 


Aguachiles can serve as a tasty yet nutritious food for expectant mothers to eat, but it’s crucial to make sure that the meal is prepared with quality products and that the prawns are cooked thoroughly. You can also seek your doctor’s suggestions before you eat Aguachiles. 


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