Approaching 80, Pele Thanks for His Lucid Mental State

Approaching 80, Pele Thanks for His Lucid Mental State

The Brazilian football star Pele just touched 80th recently. On the eve of his birthday, he told his fans that he was healthy and happy to reach the landmark with his lucid mental state.

Pele has been spending most of his time in Brazil since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. He recorded a jovial message just before his 80th birthday where he spoke to his fans looking ahead to the future.

The star player said with a laugh that he is now 80 years old and he is thankful to God for his happy and healthy state. He is also happy to reach his landmark age lucidly.

He also said anywhere he goes, he is well received by everyone. He is a lucky man for whom all doors are always open. When he goes to heaven, he is hoping to receive the same welcome from God as well. He is thankful for the football career that has brought him so much love and appreciation.

In his entire career, he has played for Brazil. As far as club matches are concerned, he has mostly been a part of the club Santos and the New York Cosmos. His football skills made him the greatest footballer of all time.

Brazil has been challenged time and again by many top footballers from other countries. At first, it was Diego Maradona and then came Lionel Messi. But Brazil has always been strong and has lived up to its name. 

He won the Intercontinental Cup and Copa Libertadores twice while playing for Santos. Along with that he also won six Brazilian league titles and 10 Paulista state championships.

Pele is the only football player in the world who has won the World Cup three times. Not just that, but he also scored over 1,000 professional goals. There is no doubt that he is one of the biggest football players of all time. He is loved and admired by many of the rising footballers.

Pele is received with love by everyone and anywhere he goes. He is still feted as ‘The King’. The King title was given to him by Nelson Rodrigues when he was just about 17.

However, his 80th birthday arrived at the end of a difficult period. Many of you may know that his son Edinho was in jail for money laundering and drug trafficking. However, Pele has always denied the charges.

In recent years, Pele has been hospitalised many times and he walks with difficulty because of his ailing hip. 


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