Apple brings 100 new emojis and 8 new wallpapers with iOS 14.2 update

Apple brings 100 new emojis and 8 new wallpapers with iOS 14.2 update

After the release of iOS 14, Apple released the major iOS update 14.2. Along with many other features that have been brought by Apple along with the update, it has also released 100 new emojis for iPhone and iPad users. Some of the emojis include Pinch the fingers, heart, lungs, polar bear, smiling face with a tear, cockroach, beetle, nesting dolls, placard, etc.  

The iOS 14.2 update also comes with eight brand new wallpapers both in dark and light modes. Apple has also fixed some of the bugs in the iOS 14.2 update. This update will be available for iPhone 6s and later models. This also includes iPod Touch 7th generation, iPad Air 2 and later versions, iPad Mini 4, and later versions. 

iOS 14.2 update highlights

We have listed some of the highlighting features that were released with the iOS 14.2 update. One of the significant features is the magnifier accessibility feature. This feature will let the users use the Optional people detection function by identifying people in estimate View and also estimate their distance to you. 

In the control center, there are new Media controls which include content suggestions while you expand the ‘now playing’ control when nothing has been playing. Support for the MagSafe leather sleeve has been added. Optional notifications for higher headphone volume levels have also been added with the update. For the default sound output to Apple TV 4K, a home pod can be added for stereo and surround sound. This also includes Dolby Atmos. 

Bug fixes

The new update has fixed some of the bug issues, including reminders, which could get defaulted two times in the past. During the launch, the camera viewfinder might have appeared black. This issue has been fixed. When set in Fahrenheit the weather widget did not display the high temperature in celsius format. This issue has been fixed. Apple cash had failed to send or receive money when it was asked through Siri. This bug also has been fixed. 

The audio was mislabeled as ‘Not playing’ in the car play dashboard. This has been fixed. Other fixes include screen blackening during playback in Netflix, preventing of devices from wireless charging, voice memos recordings being interrupted by Incoming phone calls, the sudden closing of Apple Watch app while opening, insensitive keypad during phone lock, workout GPS routes or Health data being prevented from syncing between iPhone and Apple Watch, out of order apps in the home screen, etc.


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