Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 – Why Did it Get Cancelled?

Appalachian Outlaws Season 3

Sometimes, creative minds create shows that come out of some of the most unexpected spots and places. Appalachian Outlaws is one of those shows that came to life in the Appalachian Mountains and unveils some of the secrets that you will least expect.

If you liked the first two seasons and had been looking forward to the third one, it looks like there’s not going to be a lot of insights at the moment. There are rumors that the show has been canceled, which depicts that Season 3 is a no-go.

To clarify all the doubts, we have managed to sort out all the information that we currently know about Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 and its release.

When is Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 Releasing?

Despite how popular the first two seasons were, it is unfortunate that the show is most likely not progressing to a third season.

The network has officially confirmed that Appalachian Outlaws has been canceled and the third season is not happening anymore. This has surely come as a surprise to the fans but there’s nothing that can be changed.

According to the speculations, the main reason behind the cancellation was due to the lack of viewership and also due to the economic aspect of running the show. Whether or not some other network will pick up the show and extend it in the future seems to be a question mark at this point.

Despite the official cancellation, some of the fans remain hopeful of a potential return down the line but we’d recommend you reel in those expectations.

What can we expect from Appalachian Outlaws Season 3?

Should Season 3 materialize, we can expect a familiar blend of heart-pounding action, generational rivalries, and the quiet resilience of those who call Appalachia their home. The ever-present ginseng hunt will undoubtedly remain a central focus, with new challenges and dangers emerging from the depths of the woods.

But, with the cancellation, all of this seems like a futile speculation. Also, if the show is picked up by a new network, there are chances that we will get to witness some new faces on the show, which would be interesting to watch as well.

However, again, our recommendation would be to not have much expectation with the show because there are 10% chances of a return if that.

Who is returning to Appalachian Outlaws Season 3?

If a third season does come to fruition, some familiar faces are sure to grace the screen once again:

  • Tony Coffman
  • Corby Patton
  • Rufus Keeney
  • The Shook Brothers

These seem to be the main cast members that have a heightened chance of a return but the show could have witnessed the addition of new cast members as well.


Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 is hands down one of the most highly anticipated shows that seems to have been canceled at this point. There is no further information as to whether or not it will return, so that’s something we’d have to settle for at this point.


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