AirPods Lite Earbuds – What do We Know so Far?

AirPods Lite Earbuds – What do We Know so Far?

With rumors that Apple is currently working on making its products more affordable, it isn’t surprising that AirPods Lite earbuds make the list too.

All of this is currently rumors at this point and was reported by Jeff Pu of Haitong Intl Tech Research via 9to5Mac. Although AirPods shook the market by storm during the initial launch, reports suggest that Apple is likely going to experience a reduced demand for the same in 2023.

Owing to these turmoils, analyst Jeff Pu reports that there are very high possibilities that Apple is currently working on developing affordable AirPods to meet consumer needs and also bring in more consumers.

Currently, Apple sells four different types of AirPods, including the AirPods 2nd Gen., AirPods 3rd Gen. and AirPods Pro 2nd Gen. Amidst them, the AirPods 2nd Gen. is hands down the cheapest one in the lot. AirPods Max over-ear headphones are the most expensive ones at this point.

Even the cheapest AirPods are priced at around INR 14,000 in India, which is quite a high price point for a standard, middle-class user in the country. 

Reports suggest that there are chances that Apple is working on creating the rumored AirPods Lite Earbuds, which will cost around INR 10,000 but bring all the latest features and design upgrades that the users have been looking for.

However, Jeff Pu also reports that with the kind of reputation that precedes Apple, there are chances that the cheaper AirPods Lite earbuds might lack certain advanced features that are already available in the leading TWS brands like Jabra, Boat, and Samsung.

As for the design elements, analysts expect the AirPods Lite to mimic the look of the AirPods 2nd Gen. However, there are no official confirmations or reports surrounding the launch of these earbuds, so we’d have to trust what information we have with a grain of salt.

With Apple leading the TWS market and creating a path for “wireless” earphones, it will be surprising to see how Apple manages to bring forth innovation within a budget. Since the competition is already quite cutthroat in the market, Apple will need to up its game without any questions.

What kind of new features the AirPods Lite brings is a lot more intriguing than you think. Furthermore, despite the rumors, there is no further information about the official launch date, price point, or even the design elements for these new earbuds.